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Jazz, Razzle, Dazzle and Gunsmoke – Tanglin Rocks Chicago!!

In a dazzling showcase, Tanglin presented one of its most opulent productions to date, bringing the vibrant spirit of Chicago to Tanglin! Directors Claire Connor, Rob Hall, Helen Owain, and Anita Sprague, along with a cast and crew comprising over a hundred senior students and staff, captivated audiences by bringing to life Kander & Ebb's iconic and award-winning musical, delving into the realms of fame, fortune, and the irresistible allure of jazz.

Tanglin students have a longstanding passion for musical theatre and dance, and this production was no exception. Originating from students in Years 10 to 13, the company was formed with incredible commitment and infectious energy. The remarkable talent of the students allowed the directors to double-cast the main roles, with each individual bringing a unique interpretation to this legendary musical.

The main cast received invaluable support from an exceptional ensemble, where each student played a crucial role in giving vitality to the iconic musical. Night after night, the entire company garnered enthusiastic applause, a testament to the audience's recognition of the months of dedication and hard work poured in by both the cast and crew.

As the infamous rivalry between Roxie and Velma unfolded, the Tanglin community was treated to plenty of drama. Rob Hall, Head of Music, and Helen Owain, Assistant Head of Music, were both Musical Directors on the production. Rob conducted the live orchestra, a seamless blend of professional, student, and teacher musicians, whilst Helen conducted the supporting ensemble singers backstage, this musical combination flawlessly captured the essence of the Jazz Age.

Drawing inspiration from the original choreography by Fosse and Reinking for Chicago, Tanglin’s Dance Captain, Olivia M, in collaboration with Abigail D and Aysha M, masterfully recreated and vividly portrayed the inherent challenges of attention and the dual nature of spectacle – two pivotal themes in the musical. Guided by Anita Sprague, the choreography, both stylized and elegant, captivated audiences with its dazzling execution, serving as a powerful embodiment of the musical's core concepts.

The visual concept for the performance exuded the ambience of downtown 1920s Chicago and the distinctive setting of Cook County Jail. Crafted and envisioned by Tom Edwards, the striking set seamlessly established the scene, prominently featuring the iconic 'C' of Chicago as the focal point. Lighting, skillfully executed by Claire Connor, Zickry, and Tom Edwards, further enriched the narrative by drawing the audience into the intricacies of the characters' world.

The 1920s, renowned for its iconic fashion, represented an era of opulence before the onset of the Great Depression triggered by the stock market crash of 1929. In this vibrant backdrop, wardrobe manager Claudia Lim curated a wardrobe that encapsulated the glamour and razzle-dazzle of the period, adorned with a plethora of sequins. Collaborating with student designers Eliza H and Renee L, the result was a dazzling showcase of the Roaring Twenties' style.

The production collaborated with staff member Annie Rusell, whose exceptional skills as a professional hairstylist, wig dresser, and makeup artist for TV, film, theatre, and opera added a unique layer to the production. Her inspiring designs seamlessly unified the vision for the show, bringing authenticity and flair to the performers' appearance.

The 2024 Senior production was an incredibly captivating show, featuring a stunning score, and was a remarkable showcase of the artistry in musical theatre. Tanglin can proudly say it rocked Chicago!


Photos from Cast A Performance

Photos from Cast B Performance

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