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Restoring bicycles for charity

Although bicycles are not the main mode of transportation in Singapore, they do make a big difference to many low-income families. That was why Nina D, Mahikaa G, Eliza H, Osian O, and Tanisha S from Year 12 decided to take on a bicycle renovation project for their CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). They were inspired by a new bicycle project instituted last year where Yash Pathania (then in Year 13) repaired and restored old and abandoned bicycles that were piling up at the condominium he was staying at. 

Like Yash, the students are contacting their respective condominium management for permission to collect old abandoned bicycles. They will then transport the bicycles to Tanglin by themselves or via the school’s van service. With the help of Decathlon Singapore’s expert bike repair and maintenance services, the students are training to repair all types of bicycles during their CAS session on Wednesdays. Once the restoration is complete, they will seek out needy individuals to donate a repaired bike to at no cost. Peter Ayompe, Outdoor Education Specialist, said, “We are thankful to the staff members from Decathlon Singapore for giving their time to help out. We are also grateful to the TTS Foundation for supporting the students in the purchase of tools and spare parts that are necessary for repairs.

This service project is a practical way for Tanglin students to learn some new skills and give back to the community and support disadvantaged people in a small way.

See the photos below to check out their progress:

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