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Sustainable Finance and Its Role in Driving a Sustainable Economy

The Institute recently hosted a compelling panel discussion on sustainable finance and its role in driving a sustainable economy. The discussion was expertly led by Alistair Thompson Chairman of the Manan Trust and an authority in all aspects of investment management. Dr Darian Mc Bain, CEO of Outsourced CSO and Kelvin Tan Head of ASEAN Sustainable Finance and Investments at HSBC, engaged in an informal discussion moderated by Mr. Thompson.

The discussion delved into the intricate landscape of sustainable finance, offering insights from policy, regulation, investment, and industry perspectives. The panel discussed the current developments in data collection and reporting and emphasised the need for private and public investment and cooperation to improve sustainable outcomes.
Sustainable finance is a complex and ever-evolving domain with little clear delineation, as sustainability affects all markets and industries in some form. Therefore, financial institutions play a vital role in supporting companies and organisations as they seek new avenues for sustainability, navigating the delicate balance between ‘purpose and profits’.

Despite this complexity with so many different stakeholders, all panellists expressed optimism that achieving overall decarbonisation is possible. They also discussed what it takes to change a company or industry to become more sustainable, and provided examples of companies with successful, sustainable business models. The talk encouraged discussion from all attendees, with students and parents keen to share their thoughts and insights on this evolving area of finance.

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