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Tanglin Aces World Scholar's Cup 2023

Congratulations to all the Tanglin Scholars who took part in the regional rounds of the World Scholar's Cup 2023. Ayan F, Year 12 and Scholars President, shares more with us.

The World Scholar's Cup is an international academic competition that promotes interdisciplinary learning and critical thinking among students. The competition is designed to encourage students to explore various subjects, including science, history, literature, and the arts. Events include team debates, collaborative writing, and the Scholar’s Challenge – a tricky multiple-choice exam.

 At Tanglin, the Scholars’ Society helps students with optimal preparations to excel in the competition through tasks focussed on researching the scholar’s curriculum and practising their skills in debate and writing. Even if students choose not to take part in the competition itself, learning how to collaborate, work systematically, and being able to condense research, are invaluable skills that are developed at Scholars. These skills are quite crucial and better prepare students for their higher education, and even their professional careers. 

On 29-30 April, 42 students attended The World Scholar’s Cup regional round hosted by Nexus International School. The theme was "Reconstructing the Past", and our scholars worked hard in the preceding weeks to review and prepare the material. Tanglin performed exceptionally well with many stand-out performances. Here are the awards we won:

  • 1st place overall Junior Team: Freddie P, Shiv B, Sean Y (Year 9)
  • 1st place overall individual Scholar (Juniors): Freddie P (Year 9)
  • 4th place overall individual Scholar (Juniors): Lily G (Year 8)
  • Jac Khor Award for first place in Scholar’s Challenge (Junior): Freddie P (Year 9)
  • 1st place Team overall in Junior Challenge: Keren T, Tyler Y, Ishaan P (Year 9)
  • 4th place overall Senior Team: Jamie A, Mason S, and Anish G (Year 10)
  • 1st place team in Senior debate: Jamie A, Mason S, and Anish G (Year 10)

A HUGE congratulations to all scholars who took part in the regional rounds! As the President of Scholars, it was gratifying to witness the preparation during sessions shine through and see everyone having such a great time. We’re looking forward to the next opportunity!

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