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Class of 2022: The Next Chapter (Maia S.)

The best part about closing a chapter is the beginning of a new one. What's next for our Class of 2022? Here is Maia S.'s story.

Why A Levels?
I chose A Levels because I felt that I wanted my time to be distributed between my interests in Maths, Physics and Sports Science, whilst also being able to put my energy into other activities, such as Touch Rugby, Netball, and Head Girl without feeling too overwhelmed.

What subjects did you take for A Levels?
Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, and Physical Education

Which subjects did you enjoy the most and why?
I enjoyed Maths the most; so much so I took advantage of the co-curriculars that Tanglin offered to further my passion for Mathematics by becoming a Maths prefect and a Maths tutor to help others who are learning the subject.

We know you enjoyed Maths the most, but what does it take to score A* in both Maths and Further Maths?
It most definitely helps if you have a passion for Mathematics. I felt like I was falling slightly behind, so I decided to study a part of the Further Maths course over the summer just a couple of times a week for fun and it really helped. It's additionally very important to never stop being curious and asking questions in class about the concepts that you're learning.

What's your next destination and why?
I am about to attend UCLA in the fall and study Maths. I have always dreamed of attending a large University in the US, UCLA especially, because I'd love to expand my network, meet many different types of people, and have access to a large range of extracurriculars and sports.

What would you like to do five years from now?
Five years from now hopefully I will have graduated from UCLA with a degree in entrepreneurship and Maths. I would also like to have experienced many job pathways through internships and decided on a career that involves problem solving and teamwork.

Tell us about your time at Tanglin. What were some memorable moments?
Attending the Brisbane Touch Rugby trip in Year 9 and 10 was a very fulfilling experience for me. I made great memories from baking competitions and talent shows, whilst also improving my skills at a large touch rugby tournament.

Is there a teacher you'd like to specially mention?
I would definitely like to thank the Maths department for their passion and enthusiasm that they brought to every class. From Mr Everett's interactive group activities at the beginning of every class to Mr Goodwin's creative methods of teaching us difficult concepts, every lesson was engaging and fun.

What advice would you give younger students when it comes to making a choice between A Levels and the IB curriculum?
When deciding, I prioritised my interest in Mathematics, which led me to the A Level pathway as it allowed me to go into depth with the subject without having to do many others. I would also definitely say that A Levels is a lot more fun when you have a passion for the subjects that you are doing, as it feels less like work and more like a hobby.

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