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Class of 2022: The Next Chapter (Matt W.)

Why A Levels?
When I went into Sixth Form, I decided to take a wide range of subjects for A-levels. Many joked with me that I should have done the IB diploma instead of opting for four A-level subjects. All of my subjects interested me as they required me to look at the world around me through different lenses. 

What subjects did you study?
I took Physics, Maths, Economics and Biology. I chose this combination because I enjoyed them and wanted to have the pathway open for Medicine if I decide to pursue it.

Which subjects did you enjoy the most and why?
I have to say that I most enjoyed Biology and Economics – I love learning about the systems in the world surrounding me.

What’s your next destination and why?
I was lucky to be admitted to Brown University in the US and I am really excited about it! I’m entirely unsure of what I intend to pursue in the future but I look forward to exploring my passions in my tertiary education!

How has Tanglin instilled in you the confidence to lead as Head Boy?
From a young age, the school has instilled in the student body that public speaking is an important skill to have. I think this has meant that every student here has moved through the school with the belief that they have a voice which is heard by students and teachers if they so desire.

Tell us about your time at Tanglin. What were some memorable moments?
One of my proudest moments was taking part in NAQT (National Academic Quiz Tournaments). I not only helped to set it up on campus with a group of friends, we also competed alongside many talented Senior School students. It was tricky due to time zones, but we attended many midnight online competitions that often lasted until 5am. I was ecstatic to find out that for a brief period we were in the Top 50 teams in the world.

What are some skills that you developed at Tanglin and will serve you in university and beyond?
Tanglin encourages us to develop critical thinking skills by taking ourselves out of our comfort zone regularly, so as to create a wider comfort zone for ourselves. This is done through enrolment in academic competitions or the wide range of co-curriculars available. Our lessons in global affairs also allow students to question and debate with one another about issues around the world, allowing students to make their own stand and having an opinion instead of enforcing a one size fits all opinion on students. At Tanglin, everyone has the opportunity to collaborate with students as well - whether it’s through classes, co-curriculars or sports. I can’t see a scenario in the future where these skills wouldn’t be useful. I think they are important in starting conversations and these soft skills will come in useful throughout my life. 

Is there a teacher you'd like to specially mention?
In terms of favourite teachers, I have had so many throughout my time here that it would be hard to pick only one. Tanglin attracts very driven teachers who love what they do so I feel very privileged in that sense.

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