TTS Foundation Sustainability Symposium

TTS Foundation Sustainability Symposium
TTS Foundation Sustainability Symposium

On Wednesday, Tanglin hosted the TTS Foundation Sustainability Symposium, an exciting opportunity to engage in key discussions surrounding climate change. The symposium saw over 130 student delegates from eight schools across Singapore attend.

During the morning sessions, students heard from Bill McKibben, founder of (via pre-recorded Skype), and were inspired by Tanglin Year 13 student, Tilda, who shared her experiences of influencing a global investment company to reflect on their 'purpose'.Tilda's message of "we may be young but we have a big voice" really resonated with the younger students.

The students worked together in their school groups to create a mind map linking the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with climate action and then made pledges for positive change.

Later, students were mixed across groups from different schools to attend round-robin workshops and visit the sustainability showcase where businesses were exhibiting.

Exhibitors promoted ways for reducing food waste, recycling, conservation of the natural environment, saving water and making buildings more sustainable. Earth Society commented: "We are so happy to be attending this event. Not only does it raise awareness, but people are coming up with solutions. It's very exciting."

Workshops were led by Secondsguru, a social enterprise promoting ways to achieve sustainable living, and Tanglin's WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Association) CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) group from Year 12. The Year 12s ran a fun activity which drew attention to our responsibility to help others in less privileged situations. They shared some of the projects they have been working on including the Helping Hand Project, Tree for Me Project and PINK Project. Bhavika, Year 12 said: "We want to inspire other young people to find solutions and to kick start their own projects to promote change."

Speakers from Unilever, PM Haze and Vital Strategies delivered inspiring presentations. Unilever's Sustainable Business Director, Amita Chaudhury set out the company's vision for sustainable living, including reducing waste and enhancing livelihoods. She showed how the difference individuals make can be magnified by the efforts of larger organisations. Representatives from Vital Strategies and PM Haze highlighted issues closer to home and explained their work to improve air pollution in the region.

The young delegates engaged enthusiastically with all the activities. In their reflections at the end of the day, they spoke of having boosted their knowledge of the SDGs, learning lots of valuable lessons, and feeling empowered to act. We are sure the students will share their ideas and initiatives within their schools and communities. Year 9 students, Helena, Sean, Suzanne and Garima added: "It's nice to join other schools and to share our thoughts and ideas. There's a lot of hope in the world. Speaking to different companies has helped us to explore exactly how we can make a change."

In closing the event, Peter Milne, the conference organiser from Target4Green, said: "We've all been inspired to think globally but look locally."

Thank you to the following groups for supporting our TTS Foundation Sustainability Symposium:

  • Double Loop Solutions
  • Earth Fest
  • En-Trak
  • Foodscape Collective
  • Ground Up Initiative
  • Green Monday
  • Nature Society
  • Orca Nation
  • PUB
  • PM Haze
  • Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC)
  • Tanglin Trust School Operations Team
  • Vital Strategies
  • Secondsguru
  • Sustainable Green Solutions
  • Earth Team Society
  • Unilever