A World Renewed (A Recount of the World Scholar's Cup, Regional Round)

By Adam Cotton, Academic Enrichment Coordinator (Senior School)

It was my pleasure to accompany 32 Tanglin students across years eight to 10 to the World Scholar's Cup (WSC) Regional Round, at Nexus International School earlier this month. Nearly 300 students took part from a wide range of local and independent schools from Singapore, as well as some from overseas. Tanglin has a long and successful history of WSC participation, but for all of our students, this was their first ever WSC experience. Several teachers at Nexus commented how nice it was to see their auditorium finally operating at intended capacity, and it feels very much like we are entering an exciting new era of renewal, with fresh opportunities for our students after several years of restrictions due to the pandemic.

In preparation for the competition, our Scholars have been honing their skills in debate, quizzing and writing in Scholars' Society throughout the pandemic, and it is testament to the resilience of our community that we have been able to continue offering this valuable provision over the last few years, and that our students have chosen to continue engaging so positively. Many Scholars also worked hard to study the curricular content, which involved exciting cross curricular topics relating to Social Studies, Arts, Music & Literature, Science and History topics around the 2022 theme: A World Renewed.

Over the weekend, the students, organised into teams of three, took part in a variety of gruelling challenges, including debates, collaborative writing, as well as individual and team quizzes. There was also a talent show, and a whole host of quirky, Alpaca-related activities at the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Most impressively, Anne Y, our Year 8 student, impressed adjudicators enough to be selected to perform a Debate Showcase in front of the entire auditorium. Steeling herself to overcome an initial bout of nerves, she performed excellently.

Tanglin's participants had plenty of positive things to say about the event. "The World Scholars Regional round was a fun, enlightening experience that taught me a lot. I'd also acquired a whole bunch of knowledge regarding various topics. Overall, I had a lot of fun and would love to do this again!" Said Vittoria M, a Year 10 Tanglin student.

Tanglin was the highest overall achieving school in the competition, with a spectacular 111 medals and commendations in total. Most impressively, Team Adam K, Krishiv K and Rohan S achieved the 1st place trophy for highest scoring Team in Senior Division, and Krishiv won the award for highest scoring individual scholar, as well as the recipient of the Asimov Award for best overall score in the Individual Quiz. Team Alicia F, Dishan K and Vittoria M came in 3rd overall team in the Senior Division. Zhai Z also achieved excellently, with 4th place overall in the Junior Division. Sharbani U, Anne Y and Samantha Y were awarded 1st place overall in Debate (Junior Division). All of our students achieved medals for excellent performances in particular areas, and I am very proud of all of them. Most importantly, they all had a fantastic time: the atmosphere was truly electric, and it was wonderful to see students engaging so excitedly and with such determination.

As we look forward to the start of a new academic year, and the start of a new co-curricular programme, I hope other students will consider signing up with Tanglin's Scholars' Society and join us at next year's WSC Singapore Round. All students in years 8 to10 are welcome, and all that is required for success is a positive attitude.