After School Activities & Sports at Tanglin

After School Activities & Sports at Tanglin
After School Activities & Sports at Tanglin

At Tanglin lessons finish by 3.00pm for all Junior and most Senior students and by 2.00pm for Infants. But the school day doesn't have to stop there. Children have the opportunity to try new activities or pursue an existing talent through our extensive programme of CCAs (Co-Curricular Activities) for Junior and Senior School Students, alongside competitive sport training, fixtures and SRCs (externally provided Sports and Recreation Clubs for Infants, Juniors and Seniors). These complement the CCAs available to Juniors and Seniors and give Infants a taste of interests they might wish to pursue from Year 3, when the full CCA programme becomes available.

CCA Scope
The vast majority of our CCAs are free of charge, take place between 3.00 to 4.00pm and parents can choose to use our door-to-door CCA bus service at 4pm (Juniors and Seniors) or the location drop-off service at 5.00pm (Seniors only). Only those activities that require external resources carry an extra charge, such as MasterChef, Off-site Climbing and Fencing for Juniors; or Sailing, Off-site Climbing and Fencing for Seniors.

In addition to recreational choices, the programme also enables students to trial for and engage in competitive activities (off campus fixtures also include transport both ways). For Seniors, our 'Sport for All' initiative means that once Seniors have trialled for a team, they will get to play for a team – streamed according to ability – and for Juniors the same applies to the football and netball teams.

"My daughter is in Year 5 and has been at Tanglin since Reception. Over the years she has done Swimming, Ukulele, Football, Choral, Netball, Drama and MasterChef CCAs, to name a few. She generally does two per week to fit in with homework and has really enjoyed the variety on offer. Through these CCAs she has discovered a new love for cooking! As a working mother, the CCA Management Team at Tanglin has also made the week easier to manage for me."

Parent, Junior School

The incredible variety of opportunities available through the CCA programme at Tanglin is thanks to the commitment and enthusiasm of the Activities & Sports team and the Faculty staff. Physical activities range from Golf, Water Polo and Climbing to Swimming, Dance and Recreational Gymnastics as well as a range of Fitness classes for Seniors, all of which are in addition to competitive sports. Faculties run numerous clubs (40+ each for Juniors and Seniors per block) that are tailored to age groups and complement the curriculum. These include, for Seniors, Classical Greek, Astronomy, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing, Chess, Scholars, Product Design, Film and Media Clubs and, for Juniors, Horrible Histo-graphy, Drama, Debating, Musical Theatre, IT Clubs, Specialist Art Clubs, Super Science and Tee Ball.

For children who love music, there's a whole menu of musical styles, formations, and techniques to explore through CCAs such as DJ Club and Music Tech Club (Seniors) to Guitar Groups, Rock Bands and all manner of ensembles that traverse Afro-Latin to Big Band and Classical. And for those with a developing sense of social service, there are CCAs that span community, environmental and leadership initiatives where children get to see that their actions matter; that they can use them to change things for the better and inspire others to do the same.

Spotlight on JASS Junior CCA
At Tanglin, we are fully committed to our core values: Respect, Responsibility, and Purpose, which underpin everything we do,
including our wide range of CCAs. The Junior Awards Scheme for Schools (JASS) is a prime example of the opportunities we provide in every student's journey through the school to meaningfully engage with the local community and the world beyond. JASS is a UK-based, accredited learning programme which gives children aged nine to 11 years the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the wider world through a range of experiences and activities that challenge them, whilst giving back to the local and wider community.

This March the JASS children had a very successful service trip to Cambodia where they applied all the skills they have developed during the course of the CCA and saw the results of their fundraising efforts. Having raised a staggering $21,000USD between them, they spent the weekend supporting a range of local schools, paving walkways and creating and painting colourful noticeboards to brighten up the classrooms. They also immersed themselves in the Cambodian culture, learning how to cook local dishes, haggling at the market and visiting some of the iconic temples. They left as Year 6 children and returned as philanthropic champions. Thanks to the TTS Foundation who provided representative awards for this trip.

CCAs conclude with an awards ceremony in which the children receive their awards and reflect on their experiences, sharing anecdotes and highlights with their families.

"JASS has taught me that philanthropy is more than just giving money." Magnus Year 6

"I learned to be more kind and caring and just reflect on how lucky we are." Shivankh Year 6

"It had made me realise why we are donating and how to help not only by volunteering or donations but by little actions as well." Anaika Year 6

Sports and Recreation Clubs
After-school activities are also available through our Sports and Recreation Clubs (SRCs) programme delivered by approved external providers. 'Pay and play' Infant SRCs start at 2pm and include JSSL Arsenal (Football), Rex Martens (Cricket), Gym With Me (Gymnastics), Tutus@Tanglin (Dance), and Centre Stage. There is also a wide range of voluntary clubs that are not profit making. These clubs only charge a nominal amount to cover the costs of the activities, such as Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers and Cubs. Each club has its own minimum age requirement (not all SRCs will be open to Nursery and Reception children, for example) and the majority operate on a termly basis.

"I just finished French lessons with Ms Laurence and I enjoyed myself. I learnt a lot during the sessions. All of us in class had a good time. So much was taught in a few weeks. I can't wait to start again next term!" Dishan (Y6) French SRC

CCA System
Over the years, Tanglin's Activities & Sports team has refined a system that allows fair distribution and optimum choice for each child. The CCA blocks are split into 4 and are generally aligned with the 3 competitive sports seasons. Blocks 3 and 4 fall into the longer Season 3 for Juniors (so they can try more activities). For Seniors, the CCA programme is split into 2 with Programme 1 spanning the first 2 Seasons and Programme 2 aligning with Season 3. Competitive trials take place before CCA sign-ups so activities can be planned around competitive sport commitments.

Lunchtime CCAs also give Year 2 children the opportunity to experience some of the activities prior to their transition to Year 3. For these sessions, Year 2 parents will start using the CHQ system, the online platform for managing our Activities & Sports within the school.