Another Outstanding Year for IB Results at Tanglin!

Another Outstanding Year for IB Results at Tanglin!
Another Outstanding Year for IB Results at Tanglin!

Well done to the Class of 2020 for their outstanding International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB Diploma) this year. We are extremely proud of our students' achievements as 100% successfully achieved the full IB Diploma.

This year, the average score is an outstanding 39.0 points out of 45, consistent with Tanglin's average scores over the past four years and well above world averages (29.90 this year) and Singapore averages (34.52 this year). Tanglin is typically among the top three international schools in Singapore for IB results.

One student achieved 45 points and a further three achieved 44 points, placing them in the top 1% of students in the world.

Other achievements include:

  • Nineteen students scored 42 points or more
  • 66% of the cohort scored an outstanding 38 points or more
  • 98% of our students scored 32 points or more
  • An impressive five students achieved the prestigious bilingual diploma
  • Out of around one hundred students globally who take Further Maths, a Tanglin student achieved an incredible 6

"In an unprecedented, tumultuous year for the IB, we're pleased that this year's overall results at Tanglin are on a par with our historical achievements. Once again, our students' scores show breadth of achievement across an academically diverse cohort, as well as some outstanding individual performances." Allan Forbes, Head of Senior School

Craig Considine, CEO of Tanglin Trust School said: "These results reflect the considerable hard work, commitment and effort of our students who over the past two years have undertaken a 4,000-word self-researched essay on a topic of their choice and an independently managed project as part of the school's Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme, in addition to studying six specific subjects. Every one of our IB graduates should be proud of their achievements, not just the results, but also the tenacity they have shown in overcoming this year's unique challenges. Our students are now equipped to take responsibility for their own learning and engage meaningfully in real-world situations."

We must also thank our dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic teachers, many of whom are IB Diploma leaders, for supporting our students in finding their passions and realising their potential. Special recognition should also be given to the close parent-teacher cooperation at Tanglin that has helped to support our examination year groups more than ever this year.

We congratulate each of our IB Diploma graduates on their results, many of whom have secured their first choice at top universities around the world. We wish them every success as lifelong learners who have the skills to contribute with confidence to our world.

For more information about Tanglin Trust School's Sixth Form and IB Diploma Programme, please contact our Admissions department.