Class of 2020 University Destinations

Class of 2020 University Destinations
Class of 2020 University Destinations

We are extremely proud to announce that, despite all the uncertainty, this has been a fantastic year for university placements at Tanglin, with 86% of students achieving their first choice.

We would like to congratulate all our graduates on their university places and wish our Class of 2020 every success as they begin an exciting new chapter in their lives.

Allan Forbes, Head of Senior School, summarises their achievements: "I continue to be incredibly proud and impressed by the academic success of our graduating students. The Year 13 students have been most affected by the challenges and restrictions of the pandemic, but each and every one of them has shown determination, commitment and raw resilience in working their way through the process. There were many high and lows but in the end, the Class of 2020 achieved the grades they deserved and, as a result, are now embarking on the next phase of their lives.

"Some students are taking a gap year and others are commencing their National Service, but the majority are travelling far and wide to begin a huge variety of undergraduate courses across the globe. Tanglin students will be studying in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, while a small number are continuing with their studies here in Singapore. I wish them all well and remind them once again that Tanglin will always be their school."

Among the Class of 2020's long list of achievements, four students have been admitted to Oxbridge two students will read Natural Sciences at Cambridge, and two will be attending Oxford, reading Biological Science and History. One student will enrol at Stanford, USA in 2021, while another will attend the University of Chicago this Autumn. Three students have been accepted at UC Berkeley, and another three will attend UBC in Canada. Here in Singapore, one student will attend Yale-NUS and another has been accepted to La Salle College of the Arts.

We must also thank our dedicated teachers and Careers and University Guidance team, who worked tirelessly to monitor changing university protocols, and retain personal relationships with university staff across time zones, to support our students in their chosen pathways.

Zoe Williams, Head of Careers and University Counselling comments: "This year we entered unknown territory with regards to university campuses being able to open as usual in the autumn. A small number of students decided to defer their places until next year but with limitations on travel and work, many families felt it was wise to enrol as usual whether courses were online or in person.

"The A Level grading situation placed a few students in uncertainty until the U-turn by the UK Government. American and Canadian universities upheld all offers that were given irrespective of this, but students who had been offered European and Singaporean places had to wait a little while longer.

"In reflection, it was a highly successful year albeit with a few twists and turns along the way! Students have already flown to Europe to commence their studies, and many who are enrolled in the US and Canada will spend this term working from home with the aim to start on campuses in the Spring. We are looking forward to hearing how our students transition and wish them all the best with their studies."

Below is a full list of university offers for the Class of 2020: