'Emergence' Infant Art Installation

The Infant art installation "Emergence" was unveiled at a mini ceremony hosted by Paula Craigie (Head of Infant School) with our Governor Clare Wijeratne as the special guest of honour. Lovingly created by Mona Choo, Tanglin's Technical Art & Design Executive, the 4 x 1.2m installation is a tapestry of over 500 clear resin cubes in various sizes. Each cube encapsulates a small object such as Lego, seashells, mini clay figurines, marbles and even hand-drawn items that were collected or created by Infant children. These special resin cubes range from 2-6.5cm in size and were arranged to form the image of an eye.

The art installation was inspired by the students, teachers, staff and parents who have passed through Tanglin—each one a puzzle piece that forms the anatomy of Tanglin's culture and identity.

Special thanks to the TTS Foundation for making this possible.