First Steps towards an Inspiring Career

First Steps towards an Inspiring Career
First Steps towards an Inspiring Career

Work Experience (WEX) is an essential part of our student's careers programme, so it was wonderful to see over 180 Year 10 students spend a week developing useful skills, making contacts and being inspired, as part of the wider enrichment curriculum.

The learning objectives of WEX are for students to:

  • Investigate potential careers for their future
  • Gain a much better understanding of the 'world of work'
  • Recognise responsibilities and behaviours expected in a working environment
  • Gain an insight into the kinds of skills and attitudes required by employers.

Students were allocated positions to match their interests as much as possible. In this way, most students got a placement they felt was relevant to their future career choice. Some placements were also organised by the students themselves.

Companies offered placements from a diverse range of industry sectors including finance, retail, health, media, technology and education amongst others. Many positions presented students with the opportunity to try something outside of their comfort zone, building on their independence and confidence. Students were also able to collaborate with professionals, contribute and present their ideas, and gain hands-on experience as well as business know-how.

The following week, the WEX breakfast was a great opportunity for employers and students to reconnect and to reflect on their experiences. We heard some of the things the students had learnt from their employers, "Their commitment to their work was awe-inspiring, as well as being the most pleasant people you could ever hope to meet." a student feeding back about his Law firm placement. And a couple of things that the employers had learnt from our students! "Paper? We don't use paper! We can put it on your screens." Employer feeding back his WEX students' comments when asked to share their findings.

Other positive feedback received from students and employers include:

"My actual work experience was very successful and I had a blast. I got the opportunity to work in a hands on science environment as well as have the chance to observe different areas of the work in the company. I also had some special opportunities like going in a clean room and visiting the NUS labs multiple times." Senior student

"It was a fun experience. Thanks to the work experience I have broadened my knowledge on the careers that I want to pursue." Senior student

"I was lucky enough to observe many surgeries at Mount Elizabeth Hospital - an experience that I enjoyed thoroughly. This week has helped confirm that I do indeed want to pursue a career in medicine!" Senior student

"It is absolutely delightful to have the Tanglin Students spend time with us during their work experience week. All of us in the industry had somebody at sometime be the mentor we needed to keep us motivated to pursue a career in hospitality – so to have the chance to potentially and positively influence these young future leaders is very rewarding. Once again, my entire team involved with the program, gain as much from the experience as we hope the students do. They often surprise us with ideas, insights and vision that we, as seasoned professionals hadn't thought of. This is a special week that we all look forward to each year and you can count us in to continue our participation, particularly if the students that are sent to us continue to be as enthusiastic as they were again this time around." Work Experience Employer

"I really wanted to give back to Tanglin as the school has been so good for my son, who started in Nursery this year. We're working parents so we haven't been able to get as involved in parent activities in the classroom as we'd have liked, so I saw WEX as a great opportunity to give back to the school. I recall my own days of work experience when of a similar age, and how it opened my eyes to life outside school. It has been a pleasure to host a couple of Y10 students for the week and I will happily volunteer to help WEX again." Work Experience Employer

Thank you to those companies who accommodated our students and provided such valuable opportunities for our students to experience the workplace - a fantastic community achievement.

Thank you also to the Careers and University Guidance team and the Development team for all their time and effort in organising the placements.