Opening of Projects Funded by the PTA

Opening of Projects Funded by the PTA
Opening of Projects Funded by the PTA

Tanglin's Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group who volunteer their time to support the school and our community. The PTA arranges social events which bring together parents, staff and students for several fun activities including the Christmas Fair, Quiz Night and Summer Fete to name a few. Thanks to the support of the Tanglin community, the PTA often raise funds for projects that significantly enhance the Tanglin experience for our students.

This week, we've been delighted to officially open the Bouldering Wall and Learning Zone, The Snug Sensory and Learning Room, and the Personalised Learning Team Room in the Junior School; and the Pop-Up Studio in the Infant School, all generously supported by the PTA.

On Tuesday, Jon Robinson, Chair of Governors proudly 'cut the ribbon' for each of the new Junior School facilities.

Aston, Year 6, competently demonstrated the new bouldering wall, making it look incredibly easy! The plaque beside the wall has a fitting quote to inspire our students who step up to challenge their climbing skills - "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." by Neale Donald Walsch.

Students then presented The Snug Sensory Learning Room and how it makes them feel. Kingsley, Year 4 said: "It is fun, relaxing and quiet. For some reason it touches my nerves and makes me happy. I don't know how, it just does." On why they chose the following quote by Mother Teresa for the sensory room plaque, "Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.", Abbie Year 5 said: "We chose this quote because we feel it is important to live in the present moment. There is no point worrying about your past and being anxious about what is going to happen in the future. Being in the present moment and focusing on what you are doing in that moment is very important. It helps us to live a happy, fulfilling life."

The final opening in the Junior School was of the Personalised Learning Team Room where the plaque says, "Love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort and keep on learning." by Carol Dweck. This encouragement of growth mindset was demonstrated by Year 6 students who explained how the room benefits their learning. Sam commented: "The whiteboard tables and walls enable us to work collaboratively and the teachers help us to explore different ways of learning."

On these new facilities, Clair Harrington-Wilcox, Head of Junior School said: "Every child deserves to make the progress they are entitled to. Every new area we have opened today is a wonderful learning space."

The following day, children and staff were very excited to open the Pop-Up Studio in the Infant School, an area where children can develop their digital technology skills, and share their understanding, knowledge, ideas and inspiration through the media of film. Year 2 mini-university film makers confidently demonstrated creating a green screen performance with the new equipment. One Year 2 parent commented: "My son loves movies and Hollywood, so this facility provides fantastic motivation, inspiration and opportunity."

Veena Annies, Head of Infant IT said: "The Pop-Up Studio provides our children with an authentic experience of scripting, performing, filming and editing." Paula Craigie, Head of Infant School added: "Thank you to the PTA who have funded the amazing equipment and green screen, enabling our children to enjoy the magic of movie making."

On all the official openings this week, representatives of the PTA said: "It's wonderful for us as PTA to contribute funds raised at our community events to develop school-identified learning and wellbeing facilities, and even enable new curriculum subjects. We're all volunteers, so it's extremely gratifying to have this lasting impact and leave a meaningful legacy."