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Prize-winning Scholars at Yale's Tournament of Champions

Prize-winning Scholars at Yale's Tournament of Champions
Prize-winning Scholars at Yale's Tournament of Champions

This year, 27 Tanglin students from Year 9-11 competed at the World Scholar's Cup hosted by Yale University. We had 21 students, across eight teams in the Junior division (Year 9-10), and six students, across four teams in the Senior division (older Year 10s and Year 11).

300 teams (around 900 students in each division) qualified across six global rounds to participate this year.

We are thrilled to announce the following headlines:

Junior division:

  • 3rd team overall ranking, as well as 3rd in Challenge round (Elaine, Sophia, Youran, Year 10)
  • Individual overall rankings:
    • 7th Sophia, Year 10
    • 25th Youran, Year 10

Senior division:

  • 13th team overall, as well as 1st place in Bowl round (Suzy, Year 10 with two students from another school
  • Individual overall rankings:
    • 113th Suzy, Year 10
  • All students (Hernan, Year 11; Abdullah, Year 11; Rahul, Year 11; Oli, Year 11; Suzy, Year 10; Akash, Year 11) medalled in Bowl (team) and Challenge (individual).

Co-captain, Hernan, Year 11 said: "The trip was great. We were well prepared for the competition and left feeling more knowledgeable and motivated. The additional visits to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University gave an insight into the life at these top institutions, and the Scholar's Ball was a great opportunity to relax and meet other scholars from around the world."

World Scholar's Cup:

The World Scholar's Cup is an academic competition. To qualify for the Tournament of Champions (TOC), hosted by Yale University, students must earn their place through the Regional and Global rounds. TOC has competitors from 62 countries.

The material and prompts are released to students before the competition. Tanglin students work to research them during the student led co-curricular activity (CCA). The material is examined via the:

  • Challenge
  • Bowl
  • Debate
  • Collaborative writing.