Resilience Collective: Photostory Initiative

Resilience Collective: Photostory Initiative
Resilience Collective: Photostory Initiative

The online TTS PhotoStory Exhibition, is part of Tanglin's partnership with the Resilience Collective, a peer-powered mental health platform that looks to drive meaningful and open dialogue about mental health.
The creative output of students has been impressive, and their powerful reflections show the huge benefits of engaging in this project.

During these uncertain and stressful times, having an outlet through which to express and examine our feelings in a tangible way is an essential addition to all of our mental-health tool kits. Year 10 student, Mehr Khosla, describes more about the project hers, and the impact it has had on the Year 10 participants.

Resilience Collective is a charity organisation in the mental health social service sector and consists of a community of people with lived experience of mental health conditions. The Photostory project allows individuals to tell their story through photography and a short narrative.

On the 24th of May, Resilience Collective held a workshop for keen Year 10s, where they discussed the logistics of the Photostory initiative and how to get more involved. During this one hour workshop, members of Resilience Collective talked students through the process of curating images based on the theme of our choice. As one student commented: "The initiative was a really good one as it allowed you to portray emotions that resonate with you the most."

As a first step, students created a mindmap that would branch out their chosen topic graphically to represent ideas and concepts. When asked whether this step was necessary, one student, whose theme revolved around feeling overwhelmed, said, "The mindmap we created was very useful as I had the word 'overwhelmed' in mind and, though I wasn't actively searching for places to take a photo, I was able to link many places with the word." Many of these mind maps have been displayed in the online exhibition for viewers to see. Participants were given total freedom to create a visual that encapsulated one emotion in a number of different ways.

As the workshop progressed, students were also taught various helpful photography techniques that would better prepare them for the next step - taking their photos. Throughout the half-term break, attendees submitted their photos to be displayed in the exhibit. Whilst seeking feedback about the process students went through for their photographs, one student said, "It was a great collaborative project and the process felt quite nice, as I was able to place and name my emotions. It was also a fun thing to do with my brother who helped me come up with ideas."

Many others also commented that they found the process extremely enjoyable and worthwhile and another that it was "an extremely powerful journey of introspection." Furthermore, they were also asked to write a short narrative explaining the meaning behind their photo and the key message.

These curated series of photographs are featured in the online TTS PhotoStory Exhibition. The exhibition hopes to raise funds for Resilience Collective, with donations being accepted via the charity's page. The suggested minimum donation is $5.