Sports Results Term 2 Week 4

Sports Results Term 2 Week 4
Sports Results Term 2 Week 4

Last weekend was a winner for Tanglin sports! In the FOBISIA Gymnastics Team events our Senior and Open WAG teams came 1st in Levels 8, 5 and 4 and our Junior WAG Teams came 1 st in Levels 4, 3 and 2. Our Senior and Open MAG teams came 1st in Levels 5 and 3 and our Junior MAG Team came 1st in Level 2. In the Individual All Around Junior events Kallis and Manolo came 1st and in the Individual All Around Senior and Open events, Phoebe, Aaliyah, Kiera, Jamie and Max came 1st. Another 14 of our gymnasts also came in either second or third place! In the ACSIS MS swim meet our Merlions were also on great form with backstroke first places for Katie and Jeremy; freestyle second places for Jeremy, Yash and Katie; third place in butterfly for Ines and third place for both Boys and Girls Teams in the Freestyle Relay. For full results please click through to the website.

FOBISIA Gymnastic

WAG - Team Awards
Level 2 - Junior2nd
Level 3 - Junior1st
Level 4 - Junior1st
Level 4 - Senior1st
Level 5 1st
Level 81st

MAG - Team Awards
Level 1 Junior2nd
Level 2 Junior1st
Level 31st
Level 42nd
Level 51st
Level 62nd

WAG - Individual
Level 2 - JuniorLucia3rd
Level 3 - JuniorKallis 1st

Level 4 - Junior

Yukie 2nd
Zoe 3rd

Level 4 - Senior


Level 5

Phoebe 1st
Emma 3rd
Level 6Aaliyah 1st
Level 7India 3rd

Level 8

Kiera 1st
Danielle 3rd

MAG - Individual
Level 1 - JuniorManolo 1st
Level 2 - JuniorMontgomery2nd
Level 2 - SeniorAlastair3rd

Level 3

Jamie 1st
Archie 3rd

Level 4

Charlie 2nd
Lincoln 3rd
Level 5Max 1st
Level 6Jesse 3rd

ACSIS MS Swim Meet

Boys 13-14 200 SC Meter FreestyleJeremy2nd
Girls 13-14 50 SC Meter BackstrokeKatie1st
Boys 13-14 50 SC Meter BackstrokeJeremy1st
Boys 13-14 50 SC Meter FreestyleYash2nd
Girls 12U 50 SC Meter ButterflyInes3rd
Girls 13-14 100 SC Meter FreestyleKatie2nd
Girls 13-14 200 SC Meter Freestyle RelayTTS Merlions3rd
Boys 13-14 200 SC Meter Freestyle RelayTTS Merlions3rd