Biological Innovation Semiar

Biological Innovation Semiar
Biological Innovation Semiar

We welcomed over 50 parents, teachers and students to the SymBIOSIS Biological Innovation Seminar, organised by two Tanglin Year 12 biology students. Presenters from the one-north community covered topics such as the immune system, medical biology, fibrosis triggers and allergies. The panel answered some challenging questions from the floor in a dynamic, relatable and inspiring way.

Here, the student organisers tell us why they decided to set up this event.

What was the aim of the seminar?

We wanted to arrange talks from a variety of medical professionals for those who have an interest in biology beyond the curriculum. There are many different routes into the biomedical field, so we hoped that the seminar would be a useful way for younger students to ask career questions and to gain insight into the many paths available.

How did you identify the speakers?

Following our Year 10 work experience at NUS, we reached out to the professionals we had worked with. We also looked to our one-north community for inspiring speakers who could talk on a broad range of subjects.

How did you promote your event?

We visited Senior School form groups, emailed the Heads of Year, and went to year group assemblies. We also included the event in the school newsletter to invite parents.

What would you like other students to have gained from your event?

We hope that through hearing about biological innovation, and through the opportunity to network and ask the panel questions, students will feel encouraged to choose a career in STEM.

Did you enjoy organising this event?

Yes, although it was stressful at points as we were doing our exams at the same time! However, we worked closely together and found the experience very rewarding, especially once we had seen how successful and helpful the seminar was.

Thank you to the TTS Foundation and to all those who helped support this event.