Tanglin Alumni Step Up

Tanglin Alumni Step Up
Tanglin Alumni Step Up

A few weeks ago, Emily, Adam and Catherine – Alumni who were within two years of one another at Tanglin, were reunited half way across the globe in London in a rather surprising way. Each won a place on an entrepreneurial accelerator programme 'StepUp', run by Virgin StartUp, which is aimed at helping growth-stage companies strengthen their sales plans and secure funding to scale their businesses to the next level.

Apparently highly competitive, with over 10 applications for each place, these talented young graduates were thrilled to receive such sought-after advice on how to grow their burgeoning enterprises. Perhaps there is something in the water at Tanglin?

"There were a few 'wow, what is this school? I obviously need to send my kids there.' As you can imagine!" Emily, Jingoevents.com

"It was really exciting and as Emily said, everyone was so impressed by Tanglin. Three out of 30 of the selected attendees went to the same school in Singapore. Crazy!" Catherine, Stasher.com

Catherine (2012 cohort) works for a start up called Stasher as their Head of Partnerships. Stasher.com is the world's first sharing economy for luggage storage. The Stasher platform allows travellers to make the most of their trip by connecting them with StashPoints: hotels and shops who can store their bags no matter where they are. The cost is only £6 per day for 24 hours (half the price of station lockers) including insurance. Stasher drives ancillary revenue to local businesses by utilising their otherwise empty space. These range from small independents to large hotel chains such as Accor and Premier Inn. Stasher is on track to store 300,000 bags this year in 48 cities across Europe and will launch in NY, LA and Tokyo next month.

Adam (2013 cohort) is a Director at Cornware. Cornware helps companies and individuals reduce their carbon footprint by offering well-branded, Eco Friendly alternatives to single-use plastic in the Food2Go sector. Having launched in the UK just three years ago, Cornware products can now be found in many high street food chains, the NHS, Football Stadiums such as Liverpool FC & Crystal Palace, schools and universities up and down the country and Europe's largest foodservice distributors.

Since last year, through its commitment to the 'Trees for the Future' project, Cornware has pledged to fund the planting of a tree for every case of Cornware product sold. Cornware has so far sponsored the planting of almost 10,000 trees in Sub-Saharan Africa to support local farming families as well as the environment.

After gaining great traction in the UK, the company is looking to boost sales further across Europe and into the US. The goal is to help as many people and businesses as possible to exchange their single use plastic for a sustainable alternative, as quickly as possible.

Emily (2012 cohort) started her business Jingo in her second year of university and it has grown to be her full time job with a team of 20 freelancers. Jingo is an events company that trades at music festivals and private events − from corporate cocktail parties to yacht parties − offering face art, ethical hair feathers, hair braiding and henna tattooing.

Please do take a look at their flourishing enterprises, and support the resourcefulness of the next generation of entrepreneurs. In the words of Jingoevents.com, 'share the sparkle'!