Tanglin Awarded for Sustainability Efforts

Tanglin Awarded for Sustainability Efforts
Tanglin Awarded for Sustainability Efforts

We are very proud to announce that Tanglin has received two awards for our sustainability efforts across our curriculum, campus and within our community. Tanglin was presented with the Outstanding Outreach Project Award at the recent Singapore Environment Council-StarHub School Green Awards (SGA). The school also achieved the Lotus Sustained Achievement Award in recognition of attaining the 'Lotus' standard for the third year running.

The awards coincide with Tanglin's collaboration with En-trak™ Energy, a software platform which monitors energy usage across the campus. The first school in Singapore to use the new software, En-trak™ Energy allows Tanglin to turn into a 'living laboratory' for interactive learning about energy saving. By identifying trends and patterns of energy usage across the school's buildings, students can explore live data to understand consequences of their behaviour.

There are many groups across the school that are also working independently to raise awareness of issues, to improve our environment or to reduce waste.

Specifically, Tanglin won the Outstanding Outreach Project Award at the SGA for the screening of 'A Plastic Ocean', a documentary which showed shocking images of how plastic is effecting marine ecosystems. We were privileged to be the first organisation in the world to screen the film in the presence of the director, Craig Leeson. Tanglin students, parents and members of the one-north community were invited to attend the screening and pose questions to Mr Leeson. The audience left the theatre with a fresh determination to change our habits and tackle the global over-reliance on single-use plastic, starting by putting our own house in order! New initiatives were introduced to make us all more responsible consumers. These projects include:

  • Plastic water bottles no longer being sold in the school canteens and not available at any Tanglin events, conferences or parent evenings
  • Being one of the first schools to participate in the NEA Food Waste Recycling Pilot Programme, which turns food waste into biogas
  • Disposable plates and cutlery no longer available in the Senior School canteen
  • Charging for plastic bags in The School Shop.

Eco monitors and Sun Monitors play a big role across the Infant school, reminding us daily about turning off lights, recycling materials, looking after the environment and talking about the weather.

The special days and weeks (such as Earth Hour week and 'Switch it Off Fortnight') also afford regular opportunities for teachers to cover environmental issues with the children.

The Junior 'Green Team' actively monitor energy use in the year group units and remind the whole school about being responsible towards the environment and the resources we use. The Juniors also have a the Global Guardian Day, which is used to reinforce messages about climate change and responsible global citizenship.

The Year 12 Eco Group and IB ESS (Environmental Systems and Societies) students work through the year to promote environmental awareness and responsible energy/water and waste practices. The Senior School held an 'Eco Week' in March 2017 (the week before 'Earth Hour' on 25th March). One day of Eco Week was branded as 'Turn down Thursday' with a focus on saving energy. During the day, lights, projectors and air-conditioning units were turned off for one hour in support of the global Earth Hour campaign – and Senior students arranged with our catering company for 'pedal and blend' smoothie making bikes to promote human power!

Thank you to the TTS Foundation for funding Tanglin's collaboration with En-trak.