Tanglin's Exceptional A Level Results of 2020

Tanglin's Exceptional A Level Results of 2020
Tanglin's Exceptional A Level Results of 2020

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 for their outstanding A Level results this year! We are extremely proud of our students, who have risen to this year's challenges and achieved a 100% pass rate.

An exceptional 38% of all grades were an A*, more than double the average in England, where 14.3%* of all grades were an A*.

At Tanglin, 68% of all grades achieved were an A* or A, compared to 38.1%* in England; 98% of all Tanglin grades were in the A* to C range.

Other achievements include:

  • 90% of all grades achieved were in the range A* to B
  • 45% of students taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) achieved an A*
  • 73% of students taking the EPQ achieved A* or A

Allan Forbes, Head of Senior School at Tanglin Trust School, praises these wonderful achievements: "At last, I feel we can celebrate the release of the A Level results for our Class of 2020. Following their publication earlier this month – which resulted in much confusion and frustration for students, parents, teachers and schools – all A Level exam boards have reverted to Centre Assessment Grades (CAGs) after the U-turn from the UK Government. I believe the outcomes now accurately reflect the efforts of our students and the supporting evidence provided by their teachers. There are still questions around how some universities will respond with limited course places and accommodation spaces on offer, but we feel that justice has been served in the grades now given to this heavily affected group of young people. I wish them all well and I sincerely hope that Tanglin, and their resilience during these difficult times, has prepared them for the successes and challenges that will come their way through life."

Due to the unprecedented nature of this year's A Level results process, a small number of our A Level graduates' university places are still being resolved. Tanglin is doing all we can to support these students and their families as they finalise their pathways for the future.

For more information about Tanglin Trust School's Sixth Form and A Level programmes, please contact our Admissions department.

* Figures published by Ofqual on 20 August 2020