Tanglin's Next Generation of Sports Leaders

Tanglin's Next Generation of Sports Leaders
Tanglin's Next Generation of Sports Leaders

This year marked the launch of Tanglin's Sport Leadership Programme. Using our established links with the sporting network in the UK, Tanglin is the first school in the region to deliver an accredited sports leadership course recognised by universities in the UK and abroad. Tanglin is also an Accreditation Assessment Centre and able to certify students that complete the award.

Our first cohort of Year 8 and 9 students participated in a seven-week course including a combination of theory and practical work. The sessions focused on developing interpersonal skills including communication, motivation and teamwork. In addition, students also learnt how to effectively plan, organise and lead a sports session.

To complete the course the students were invited to watch a PE masterclass by the Junior PE team and were given the opportunity to lead three Junior co-curricular activities (CCAs), including netball, athletics and football. All sessions were supported by the PE staff.

In January, our newly trained sports leaders joined the event team for the SEASAC Rugby and Touch tournament hosted at Tanglin. The new sports leaders supported event registration, recording results, crowd control and general event management.

To gain an insight into the course and the experience of the young leaders, we spoke to Amelia and Mitra, Year 8.

What is your favourite sport?
Amelia: Lacrosse
Mitra: Badminton

What was the goal of the course?
Amelia: The obvious goal was to earn a qualification, but what we really learnt was what it means to be a good sports leader.
Mitra: We learnt how to plan for a sports class, helped carry out leadership activities and ultimately supported the SEASAC touch and rugby tournament.

Top three qualities of the course?
Amelia: I loved helping with SEASAC, teaching the Juniors in netball and supporting the Junior sports day.
Mitra: The learning objectives: verbal and non-verbal communication, confidence and organisation.

What are some of the most important values and attributes that you gained?
Amelia: Giving people praise if they've done something good is extremely important. It doesn't have to be if they've done something remarkable. Even if they just catch a ball, it is still vital to make sure you say: 'Well done!' or 'Great catch!'.
Mitra: We learnt how to communicate well, be self-confident and how to organise some CCAs.

How have your leadership skills improved after doing the course?
Amelia: I understand now that being a leader isn't just about telling people what to do. It's about boosting them, so they feel they can achieve whatever it is they're doing.
Mitra: They have improved a lot. Now I have the skills to communicate well, compliment others, always think positively and most importantly, have a great time.

Have you improved your communication and public speaking skills?
Amelia: Definitely! I feel much better about explaining and demonstrating tasks to a group.
Mitra: I am more confident when I present, and I look people in the eye.

How did it feel to lead the Junior CCA's?
Amelia: I was nervous! But I quickly realised I couldn't be nervous, not when all these Juniors were looking up to me and saw me as role model.

Were there any unexpected obstacles that you had to overcome during the course?
Amelia: One obstacle I'd come across was effective planning. It sounds easy, just do star jumps or running laps, but it wasn't! The girls weren't our age, they were in Year 4 and so we couldn't do the same exercises as in our PE lessons because chances are, they would be too hard. We had to make sure what we were planning was suitable for their age, timely and that the teacher liked it.

Did you feel prepared for the SEASAC Rugby and Touch tournament?
Mitra: The tournament helped me to see the importance of the theory we were taught. The theory explained our roles and the basic skills we would need as sport leaders. It prepped us for the practical.

How did it go on the day? Were you relieved or sad to see the process come to an end?
Amelia: Once I got used to it, I really enjoyed it! It was a great experience and I learnt so much, so when it was the final day, I did feel sad that I wouldn't be doing it again.
Mitra: I was sad because it was a fun and exciting event.

Is there an event worldwide that you would like to manage and lead if the opportunity arose?
Amelia: The Olympics. But that's a long way off!
Mitra: The French Open in tennis.

Could you give me three words that best describe this course?
Amelia: A Fantastic Experience!
Mitra: Fun, exhilarating and educational.

Would you recommend the programme to other students? Why?
Amelia: I would really recommend this course as it is so interesting and useful.
Mitra: Yes, because it teaches you lot of great attributes, values and it's fun.

How can you as an individual improve your community with the skills you have learnt on this course?
Amelia: I'll know how to get the best out of my team by motivating and praising them for the little things.
Mitra: I could help organise things for people around me, like activities, games or just simple social occasions.

The Sport Leadership Programme will run three times a year giving many students the opportunity to participate and to support sports activities and events at the school and in their local communities.

Current students: If you are interested in becoming a Tanglin sports leader please register via CHQ CCA Programme.