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Thinking in Ink: Senior School Technology

Thinking in Ink: Senior School Technology
Thinking in Ink: Senior School Technology

At Tanglin, we recognise the enormous potential of modern technology to enhance and enrich learning and are committed to preparing our children to be successful in a society permeated with technology.

The use of technology to support learning is embedded across all curriculum areas from Nursery to Sixth Form.

In the Senior School, students are required to have their own personal pen-enabled devices. This provides a seamless workflow, meaning students can take their device wherever it is needed so that it can be used alongside other resources, both inside and outside the classroom. Students can access and edit their work and school resources in real time, enabling rapid progress. Their devices can help them find, process, evaluate and present information, and to stay organised.

Pen-enabled devices support students' intuitive interaction with digital material, allowing them to go beyond typing, to highlighting and annotating lesson and exam materials, writing and drawing calculations and diagrams and making visual notes. This sketching, mind-mapping, marking-up and note taking on screen re-embraces handwriting in an age of digital content. By 'thinking in ink' students gain analytic freedom and a greater depth of learning across the curriculum.

Teachers can easily curate course materials to be accessed from student devices, embedding any kind of media to enrich the learning experience. They can provide spoken, typed or inked feedback which students can respond to in their own time.

Tanglin's Technology for Learning faculty supports and inspires fellow teachers to explore and innovate with technology. There are regular personalised professional development and practice-sharing opportunities so that teachers continue to add to their repertoire and all students can enjoy an increasingly integrated experience of technology in learning.

The following feedback, given as part of the Senior School's BSO (British Schools Overseas) Report 2017, highlights the progress made: "The use of the latest technology has a significant impact on standards and students' effective learning skills. A key development is the use of student-owned tablets using software to aid teachers' planning and assessment and very slick and fast-paced student learning. High quality feedback is possible both in written and spoken form, students can see and respond to comments in real time and conversations about learning enable rapid and sustained progress with their learning."

We constantly review our provision and how we can enhance learning through technology. The impact that we have seen on learning both in class and on students' independent work is clearly beneficial to our students' collaboration and investigation. We believe 'thinking in ink' will help to accelerate learning at Tanglin for some time to come.