Thriving Through the Holidays

Thriving Through the Holidays
Thriving Through the Holidays

By Hayley Fry & Seona Platt, Holiday Programme Leaders and Dave Radcliffe, Assistant Director of Sport

Tanglin was abuzz with excitement during the term break, with an extensive holiday programme offered to students of all ages. With a broad range of activities designed and delivered, students enjoyed stimulating opportunities to develop new skills, interests and friendships.

Nearly 100 children attended the Fantastic Four programme during the first week, which offered a full-day, mixed activity camp. This programme was run by Tanglin teachers, for Infant and Junior children, and provided a wide variety of experiences and opportunities for exploration and fun.

Infant children were delighted to share their potato and pipe cleaner superheroes, painted city scenes and mask designs as they clambered into cars and buses at the end of a fun-filled day; all while excitedly chatting about treasure hunts, Beebots and the adventure-biking course.

For Junior children, the pool party was a big hit, as was the adventure biking, creation of their own fashion shows and "Minute to Win it" challenges. The Tanglin camp team balanced the excitement of these high energy activities with mindful moments throughout the days, including colouring and a "chocolate meditation".

Specialist camps were also offered to develop specific skills and experience in areas such as science, animation, coding, robotics, mindfulness and baking. These programmes were offered to students from Year 1 to Year 9 students across both weeks, and were designed by Tanglin specialists in these fields.

Sports camps were also provided by our specialist teams in gymnastics, swimming and multi-sports. Over 40 students took part in the Year 5 to Year 9 Multi-Sport Camp, playing a variety of sports such as basketball and badminton, as well as adapted games that each presented a different technical and tactical challenge. Focused 'freestyle movement' activities gave the children the opportunity to explore a range of multi-movement skills such as running, jumping, vaulting and rotating, in a creatively designed space which utilised park benches, tables, boxes, hurdles and, of course, a number of crash mats! They grew in confidence as they explored new challenges, supported others and pushed their own boundaries. With a fun and innovative learning environment, children are able to develop their movement skills through exploration and this supports our aim of developing young people who are self-aware, adaptable and confident movers. Freestyle Movement continues to grow as a key part of Tanglin's Sport and Physical Education provision.

Other camps held by our external Sports and Recreational Clubs (SRCs) also included JSSL Football, ANZA Netball, Proactiv Multi-Sports, Irish Dancing, Tutus and Tiaras Dance, Rex's Cricket Academy, SG Basketball and Alpha Badminton.

Below is a fun photo montage that summarises the incredible two-week provision enjoyed by so many of our students. Plans are currently underway for our Summer Programme, which will run during the first three weeks of the summer break. More details will be provided via In Touch over the coming weeks, so please watch this space!