To the Class of 2019

To the Class of 2019
To the Class of 2019

As we bid farewell to you, we take a moment to look back over your time at Tanglin. Whether you joined in Nursery, or more recently in the Sixth Form, you've become a community of lifelong learners with unforgettable memories and supportive friends. You've embraced opportunities and achieved excellence in academics, the arts, sport, outdoor education and international experiences. We are proud of all you have achieved.

There have been some real highlights over the years, and it was wonderful to read your proudest moments at your Graduation Ceremony. Here are just a few:

"When I got accepted into my dream university." Lin
"Winning SEASAC football four years in a row." Tia
"Winning 'Best Director' and 'Best Editing' at the Across Asia Youth Film Festival (AAYFF)." George
"Being part of the World Scholars Cup team at Yale." Alison
"Winning the Gold Medal with the SEASAC Badminton team." Declan
"Getting the highest English Literature GCSE in Singapore." Tilda
"Competing in the Singapore Swimming National Finals." Emma
"Organising a Deirdre Lew service trip to build a home in Cambodia." Alex
"Being part of the Model United Nations (MUN) Executive committee." Yash
"Completing my NYAA Gold Award." Katie
"Representing the school at FOBISIA Music." Alistair
"Having my artwork chosen for the yearly art exhibition poster." Loane
"Being awarded Netball Player of the Year 2019." Holly
"Coming 1st in SEASAC Gymnastics." Hannah
"The completion of our film 'The Elements of Yunnan'." Tia
"Representing the school on a music trip to Sydney." Tim
"Getting all five of my university offers." Clemence
"When I got the Biology Award in Year 13." Isabella
"Getting to give back to Tanglin as Assistant Head Boy." Luke
"Placing 8th out of 125 applicants in a medical interview." Miki
"Winning second place in the Walkabout Drawing Prize." Thinn

As Mr Pearce, your Head of Year wrote: "... your time here is at an end! Let your hair fall freely to your shoulders and embrace what lies ahead. ... the rest of your lives; a time for making your own decisions, being responsible for your own actions and shaping your own destinies – exciting times indeed!"

From all of us at Tanglin, we congratulate you on your hard work, commitment, determination, care and achievements and we look forward to hearing of you continuing to contribute and flourish in the world ahead. Keep in touch!