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Week in Photos

Term 2, Week 3

The Singapore Aquatics team presented their token of appreciation to the Tanglin Merlions Swim Team for their fundraising efforts during the Merlions Monster Camp last term. Well done to Luka Year 12, who led this initiative to give back to the swimming community and empower lives through the learn to swim lessons for those from disadvantaged homes.

On Monday, there was a lockdown drill, part of the scheduled emergency evacuation exercises held three times a year on campus. Regular drills like these contribute significantly to preparedness and response in case of emergencies. Children from the Infant School also had the opportunity to meet and interact with the police team who were onsite, fostering trust and a sense of security within the community. Well done to everyone, including our campus security team, for completing the drill safely and successfully.

Briana Corrigan, former lead singer of the Beautiful South was in Tanglin this week. She entertained a delighted audience as she performed a beautiful programme of music accompanied by Tanglin teachers. Songs included a number of The Beautiful South's hits, as well as Briana's own compositions.

On Thursday, Tanglin parents, staff, and some members of our wider community attended a workshop by Ian Murphy, a contemporary British Fine Artist. Throughout the workshop, participants had the chance to work on textured surfaces, exploring a variety of drawing techniques. Ian also shared his approach to his art practice and showcased some of his incredible work.

 The annual Economics Public Speaking Competition saw Senior staff judging student speeches on different economic issues. Years 10-11 had a choice of questions with which to build a persuasive argument, whereas Years 12-13 could select a topic of their choice.

 Alumna Daisy Green (2015 cohort), a Preventive Conservator and the founder of Green's Art Conservation was recently back at school for an interactive session with some of our Sixth Form students. Daisy delved into her journey post-Tanglin and shed light on the fascinating world of art conservation and the myriad opportunities the industry offers.