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Week in Photos

Term 2, Week 7

The Andrew's Cup, the annual House football competition, took place last week for Years 5 and 6 students.This highly anticipated event brought together almost 400 children from the eight houses to compete in either the City or Rovers league. The competition spanned across two days and adopted a league format, with each house facing off against one another.

From Reception to Year 2, this week our young athletes from Infant School brought the heat and showed off their incredible skills in a whirlwind of sportsmanship and fun!

Year 1 kicked things off with a display of teamwork and determination, dazzling us with their throws, jumps, and lightning-fast sprints.

They truly gave it their all, leaving us in awe of their efforts. Reception children followed suit on Wednesday by showcasing their budding talents in a variety of events from throwing to sprinting, and balance bike mastery. Year 2 brought the house down as they tackled the final Infant Sports Day with gusto! From field events showcasing their power and agility, to thrilling relay races and the intense "cone attack" showdown, these young athletes left us speechless with their skills and teamwork. Well done everyone!

Senior Merlions Gala also recently kicked off with the Senior Team introducing their new team kit and looking ready to perform their best. This was their first Short Course Gala (25m pool), which made the racing closer and gave the swimmers a chance to practice their skills including dives, turns, and finishes under competitive conditions. All 65 participants competed in the 50m Free and two additional events, with many achieving personal bests and earning well-deserved stickers. We also wish our Senior swimmers the best of luck at the upcoming SEASAC meet happening in Hong Kong this weekend!

You can read more about these recent sporting events in the latest issue of The Lion's Den.

Over 70 Tanglin Alumni, Staff Alumni, and former parents came together at our recent Tanglin Alumni Singapore Event held at The Institute last week. It was heartwarming to hear of the many stories from yesteryears and the fabulous things our Alumni have done since leaving school. Thank you to all who attended!

It was lovely to see Year 2 and 5 having their 'buddy sessions' this week! Both year groups have been learning about space so Year 2 went over to visit the Year 5 classrooms to share some learning from their space topic and to make a rocket ship together!

Earlier this week, our Sixth Form students attended a lunchtime talk hosted by our University Counselling team where they invited external speakers to share more about what its like to study at UCL, Kings College, London and Imperial College.