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Week in Photos

Term 3, Week 1

It is lovely to welcome everyone back for the final term of the academic year. Exciting campus events and adventures await!

Before the Easter break, Year 5 and 6 students travelled to Garden International School, KL, to participate in the FOBISIA Primary Music Festival 2024. The children enjoyed 3 busy days of rehearsals and workshops, plus a morning trip to KLCC and the Petrosains Discovery Centre. 

The event culminated in two outstanding celebratory concerts, with 230 children from across 15 FOBSIA schools performing together in the choir and orchestra. Congratulations to all the children for their hard work and commitment to their music-making!

When the children arrived at school on Tuesday, there was a celebration of colour and dance. As part of the Hari Raya celebration, children, staff and parents enjoyed sweet treats and crafts. They also had the opportunity to learn about traditional Malay hospitality and traditions, along with some new dance moves, all before their first lesson!

On Wednesday, we were delighted to host BOC Aviation and Rolls Royce at The Institute for an engaging session with our Year 12 students, where they shared insights on aviation engineering and fan blade technology.

Year 5 had a fantastic Greek Day on Friday, where children embarked on an immersive journey through time, exploring democracy, crafting ancient helmets, and unravelling myths to inspire their English writing. The day concluded with a lively assembly, with teachers embracing their roles as Spartans or Athenians, adding a touch of fun to the learning experience

Students from across the Senior School joined Mr. Chris Seal and other staff members to celebrate their achievements, and of course, there were plenty of delicious doughnuts to go around. The Tanglin Tingle is an informal platform to celebrate the diverse accomplishments that continuously occur throughout the bustling Senior School.This week’s gathering highlighted an array of achievements, from an outstanding team performance in the recent SC Ventures programme, a Mensa-recognised student, and even a creative endeavour by a group of Year 8 students who re-created an archaeological find from Pompeii using paper mache. Anyone spot Porceus, the Roman pig, in the pictures?