Yip Yew Chong Art Challenge

In the absence of theatre performances, concerts and large-scale events, Tanglin’s Arts faculty have put their creative minds to the task of keeping families connected with the arts, both at home and at school.

The YC Art Challenge was initiated in our Infant School after the street artist Yip Yew Chong (also known as YC) took part in 16 Zoom calls across Year 1 and 2.

YC is a popular artist who has painted over 60 murals across Singapore that depict life on the island in days gone by. Tanglin children had been studying YC’s work in class and were delighted to hear about his inspiration, learn how he makes his nostalgic murals look so realistic, and practise the 3D drawing techniques he explained.

Teachers then challenged children to take their families on a quest to find Yip Yew Chong’s murals across Singapore and take some photos interacting with his artwork.

Started in October, the project has had a phenomenal response, with families continuing to send in photos and more than 200 submitted to date.

Parents found their children were highly engaged with the activity, “[…] such a great way to introduce local artists to the children and learn about culture. Thomas had so much fun.” Many commented on how children appreciated the opportunity to lead the adventure, engage with Singapore’s past and travel back in time, “[…] our daughters absolutely loved using the map to find them and exploring the details in the imagery. It really did make for a lovely morning in Chinatown!”

How about another challenge – can you spot YC? If you ever see three children in a mural, it is a young YC with his brother and sister, he is the middle child.

Find YC’s mural locations here to create your arts own adventure.