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Coaching at Tanglin Trust School

Coaching is focused on helping you unlock your own potential.The coach holds a thinking space so you can come to your own empowering goals. The coach listens intently and asks insightful questions to draw out your best ideas.

Want to learn more about coaching?

We've put together a few videos on what to expect out of the Coaching program.

What is Coaching?

Personal Coaching

Professional Coaching

Coaching was definitely worth the time I spent on it this term. I leave the sessions feeling energised and focused. It has helped me clarify my future goals and given me confidence in the direction I would like to take.
- Staff Coachee

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Our Coaches

The Tanglin coaching community has been growing and thriving since 2019. We now have a large number of accredited staff coaches. Our coach training is facilitated by our Lead Coaches and is licensed by the UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Tanglin coaches actively support their colleagues and other coaches across Singapore. We have jointly organised the CoachUP conferences, focused on coaching in education

Sarah Aldous

Lead Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Supervisor

Sarah found being coached to be transformational and is currently learning about being brave and authentic at work. In her role as a faculty leader, she used coachable moments with staff to help give ownership and development. With students in her mathematics classroom, she has adopted coaching questions to build motivation for independent learning. She is a coach trainer and supervisor and enjoys working with the accredited coaches at Tanglin to increase their confidence and skills.

Flora Xu

Lead Coach, Coach Trainer, Coach Supervisor

It has been uplifting for Flora to observe how coaching has enabled people to make great strides and develop on both a professional and personal level. She is convinced that everyone is capable of developing a coaching mindset, as well as acquiring coaching skillset, in order to enhance their lives and to achieve their full potential. Flora has embedded coaching techniques into her teaching practice, as well as into her approach to her pastoral care responsibilities. As for the future, she is excited by the prospect of developing further a coaching culture at Tanglin, so that all in the Tanglin community can embark on this magical coaching journey and benefit from the wonderful opportunities that coaching offers.

Join Our Coaching Community

Any member of faculty / support team, can sign up to be a coachee including teachers, TLAs and business staff. Coaches and coachees will arrange their meetings at a mutually convenient time. 

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