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Community Engagement

As the first truly international school in Singapore, Tanglin Trust School has been part of the Singapore educational landscape since 1925.

Friends of Tanglin

Tanglin works collaboratively with its parents via the Friends of Tanglin community group which aims to connect, support and provide a nurturing community for both current families and families who are new to Tanglin and Singapore. It's more than just an informal platform for parents to connect and engage; it's a community for the entire family at Tanglin. Friends of Tanglin gives families the opportunity to engage with others and make friends around their children through appealing events. Parents can volunteer as much or as little as they'd like since such roles are flexible and adaptable to one's schedule.

Parents who connect through Friends of Tanglin activities often form strong friendships, some of whom have continued to keep in touch even after they left Tanglin.


The go between parents and teachers
Aside from participating in social activities or volunteering, parents who want to play a more active role can also volunteer to become class representatives. These are a group of parents who support the class teacher by acting as a liaison between the teacher and parents of children in the class in the following ways:

  • Acting as a point of contact for class parents with the teacher
  • Contacting and supporting families who are new to the school through casual interactions and showing them around
  • Attending termly catch ups with the Head of Year and school leadership team
  • Organising volunteer rotas
  • Helping to organise class parties for children for occasions like Christmas or end of the school year
  • Coordinating Class Memory Books
  • Organising social gatherings for the class and their parents

What a year!
The 2022-23 Academic Year will go down in the history books as the year that Team Tanglin pulled together to reconnect with our community. It was the first full year coming out of the pandemic – no masks, no bubbles, no restrictions. Everyone at Tanglin fully embraced this opportunity and our Friends of Tanglin objective was to re-engage in-person with our community.