Pastoral Care

An outstanding feature of Tanglin is the supportive relationships that exist between students and staff, and among the students themselves.

We are very proud of the excellent care, guidance and support we offer. On leaving Tanglin, students and their families consistently comment on the tremendous help and encouragement they received from their peers and our dedicated teachers.

Ongoing relationships with teachers, the close personal attention given to students by specialist staff, and a well-structured system of pastoral care, mean that our knowledge of each student's abilities and aptitudes is exceptional. This enables us to provide all students with personalised academic and pastoral support which is a key ingredient in their high levels of achievement.

Regular assemblies in each of the schools, and sometimes whole school assemblies, explore different themes and the school’s Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education (PSHCE) programme underpins key elements of pastoral care.

Wellbeing Services

The Tanglin definition of wellbeing is simple; we aim for all members of our community to be able to flourish during their time at Tanglin and long after they leave.

The wellbeing of young people is very much a changeable state. New challenges present themselves regularly as they grow and mature. Our PSHCE and Lifeskills programmes are designed to provide information and skills that are needed at different stages and our very strong pastoral and learning support teams are always ready to support and guide students as they face new hurdles in each school.

Wellbeing is the state in which an individual has the psychological, social and physical resources to flourish and to meet life’s challenges.

Sometimes, however, young people need more specialist support and at Tanglin we have three 'whole-school' teams which are able to advise teachers and to work with students, individually or in small groups:

  • Tanglin Nursing Team
  • School Counselling Department
  • Educational Psychologist

Together, these teams form the Coordinated Wellbeing Services. They aim to be proactive as well as reactive and regularly contribute to the PSHCE and Lifeskills programmes for students, as well as offering workshops to parents through 'ParentWise'.