School Services


Tanglin is located on Portsdown Road, approximately 15 minutes drive to the west of Singapore's city centre and is easily accessible from the main residential areas of the island.

Our students get to and from school in a number of different ways; some are dropped off by parents, some travel by MRT (One North is the nearest station a five minute walk away), and many use the popular door-to-door school bus service. Buses in the afternoon leave at various times, usually within 10 to 15 minutes of dismissal times.

Activity buses cater to students participating in the school's co-curricular activities (CCAs). Each student is responsible for being at the bus bay by 4.08pm. The 5.08pm service for Senior students is not a door-to-door service and stops at pre-determined points along designated routes, convenient for main bus stops, MRT stations or car parks. Junior students are not currently permitted to use the 5.08pm service.

Should any Infant children not be taking the bus after school, the school must be advised in writing using the Infant Student Transport Home Notification Form. Failure to notify the school may result in a child travelling home on the bus as usual. The form must be passed to the class teacher, who will forward it to the Transport Office. Parents of Junior School children should complete the online Going Home Arrangement request for their child.

For Infant children, should no caregiver be present to collect the child, the child will return to school until a parent can be contacted. For Junior and Senior students, all services are 'drop and go'.

Families new to Tanglin who would like their children to travel to school by bus should ensure they send in a Transport Request Form to the Transport Office as soon as possible and no later than four weeks before the start of a new term.

Food and Catering

At Tanglin, we promote healthy eating and are committed to the physical wellbeing of our students.

The school’s caterer designs balanced and nutritious menus with a range of Western and Asian food available.

There are several cafés and canteens throughout the school. The Junior Canteen caters for over 65% of Junior School students, providing school lunches and snacks before co-curricular activities. Lunches and snacks for Junior students are pre-ordered and paid for online.

Using a pre-paid card system, Senior students can choose from a range of hot food, sandwiches, made to order subs, salads, healthy snacks and fruit from two canteens. We also offer curry and naan bread at our Halal Kitchen and a choice of pasta dishes. We have a dedicated baker on site who bakes fresh cakes, cookies and pastries.

In addition to this, parents can use our 100 seat café in the Nixon building to grab a coffee and fresh pastries or something more substantial from our range of grab & go products.