Student Leaders

At Tanglin, we strive to enrich the whole student, giving opportunities to develop life skills beyond the classroom so that our students will be in a better position to contribute meaningfully to the wider community when they leave school.

Part of this process is to encourage an ethos of distributed leadership where students get the chance to take on roles of responsibility within the school from Nursery through to Sixth Form.

In the Infant School, the children take their roles very seriously. Student Council members decide which charities to support, host visitors, deliver gifts to children's homes at Christmas, lead assemblies, and even have a regular lunch with the CEO to discuss ideas. Sun Monitors remind everyone to wear hats and drink plenty of water, while Eco Monitors perform spot checks throughout the school to ensure that resources are being used thoughtfully. Importantly, playground buddies make sure everyone has a friend.

Students in the Junior School are presented with a wide range of leadership opportunities. Elected class, year group and Student Council representatives play an important part in school life making sure the views of their fellow students are heard. In Years 5 and 6, Junior Listeners and Student Librarians receive special training, and Junior Photographers and Reporters can often be seen at school events. All roles from Charity Rep to House Captain are valued by the children and staff.

In the Senior School, opportunities for developing leadership skills are numerous and varied. The Student Council meets regularly with the Head of the Senior School to discuss a wide range of issues including catering, transport, tutor structures and facilities; the Senior School Social Committee organises the key and social events of the year; and House Captains are selected from Year 12 and 13 students to work with the Head of House and student Year Group Representatives to organise a range of House events.

In the Sixth Form, the Head Boy and Girl and their supporting team make a dynamic contribution to school life.