Community Action

Beyond the curriculum, the sustainability agenda at Tanglin is promoted through various events involving the wider Tanglin community.

Students also take part in environmental service activities across Singapore.

Beach Clean-up

September/October 2016 - Years 7 and 8 visited East Coast Park to do their bit to remove man made rubbish.

'Our World Day 2016'

29 September 2016 - Students and staff came together in mixed groups from across the school to complete various activities with an environmental theme.

Screening of 'A Plastic Ocean'

30 August 2016 & 3 March 2017 - Tanglin hosted a screening of 'A Plastic Ocean' attended by students, parents and a number of our neighbours from one-north.

'Eco Week', 'Car-Free Friday' and 'Earth Hour'

20 - 24 March 2017 - The Senior School led an Eco-Week with a different theme each day. This culminated in the annual 'Car-Free Friday' where all staff and students were encouraged to leave their cars at home.

Race to Sustainability Event

19 May 2017 - Year 5 and 6 'Global Guardians' took part in the Gardens by the Bay 'Race to Sustainability' event in May 2017.

PTA Summer Fair

20 May 2017 - The greenest PTA Summer Fair ever! The PTA showed their commitment to sustainability by having water refill stations instead of selling plastic water bottles, and also ordering 'cornware' disposable plates and cutlery for the food stalls. They even designed and produced a Tanglin-reusable water bottle!