Learning about Our World is woven through our science and humanities curriculum in each school.

The curriculum is brought to life with hands on activities and visits wherever possible and we encourage children to think about the challenges of protecting our planet from an early age.

Infant School

Year 2 'Green Team'

The Year 2 'Green Team' play a big role across the Infant School, reminding us daily about turning off lights, recycling materials and looking after our environment.

Year 1 'Wild and Wonderful' topic

Year 1 'Wild and Wonderful' topic encourages children to explore the wonders of nature and includes a visit to the Jacob Ballas children's garden.

Year 2 Rainforest Habitats

Year 2 look at Rainforest habitats in more detail - and go on an expedition to Sungei Bulloh with an expert guide.

Junior School

Year 3 Plant and Animal Adaptations

Year 3 learn about rocks and soils as part of their India topic; about plant adaptations to different environments when comparing Singapore to London and about animal adaptations when they visit the Singapore Zoo.

Year 4 'Island Paradise' and 'Global Guardians' topics

Year 4 'Island Paradise' topic:

  • Visits to Pulau Ubin and Sentosa - making comparisons of habitats.

Year 4 'Global Guardians' topic:

  • Visit New Water and Marina Barrage Waste management and the '3Rs' - investigating management of waste in school.

Year 5 'Pristine Planet' and 'Lifecycles' topics

Year 5 'Pristine Planet' topic:

  • Learning about different eco-systems across the planet from Antarctica to Africa - and the need to take care of them.

Year 5 'Lifecycles' topic:

  • Looking at the lifecycles of plants and animals. Visits to Science Centre for pond dipping.

Year 6 'Savage Earth' and 'Sarawak' topic and field trip

Year 6 'Savage Earth' topic:

  • Study of natural disasters including volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Science investigation into purifying water.

Year 6 'Sarawak' topic and Field Trip:

  • Visits to Bako National Park and Orangutan sanctuary. 'Borneo detective' projects to look at the impact of plantation agriculture on natural environment.
Senior School

KS3 topics and outdoor education trips

KS3 Topics:

  • Year 7 Science - 'Environment'
  • Year 8 Science - 'Water' and 'Energy Transfer'
  • Year 7 Geography - 'Raging Rivers' hydrological cycle; 'Chocolate' fair trade; 'Ecosystems'
  • Year 8 Geography - 'Future Cities' a sustainable Earth
  • Year 9 Geography - 'India'

Outdoor Education Curriculum Trips:

  • Year 7 - Thailand
  • Year 8 - Malaysia
  • Year 9 - India

KS4 (I)GCSE topics

KS4 (I)GCSE topics:

  • Year 9 Science - Oil Products; Energy Transfer
  • Year 10 Science - Ecology
  • Year 11 Science - Human effects on the environment

Sixth Form option subjects

Sixth Form Option Subjects:

  • IB - 'Environmental Systems and Societies' sustainability, conservation and global issues
  • A Level and IB Biology - Ecosystems
  • A Level and IB Chemistry
  • A Level and IB Geography