Senior Pastoral Care

We pride ourselves on the exceptional care, guidance and support we give to our students. Our aim is that every student is known by at least one member of our community.

Each student forms part of a tutor group of 24 students. The form tutor greets students daily and is the first point of contact for advice or support. They know each of their students well and have an overview of their progress and well-being. Heads of Year and Assistant Heads of Year provide additional support and are very involved with the year group trips and any service learning students undertake. Finally, subject teachers also assist in making sure each student achieves to the best of his or her ability by setting challenging work and offering subject specific support clinics when needed.

Regular assemblies explore themes relating to personal development, including Responsibility, Respect and Purpose which are the core values of the Senior School. In addition, our excellent team of school counsellors and nurses can help with and advise students and parents on specific challenges or issues that may arise.

In the recent British Schools Overseas (BSO) Inspection, the pastoral care was described as "outstanding" and "a never before seen model."