Beyond the Classroom

As well as academic subjects, the Senior School curriculum also includes service learning, outdoor education opportunities and a wide range of co-curricular activities that stimulate and broaden student experience.

We firmly believe young people are just as likely to learn outside the classroom as in it.

Outdoor Education Trips

Our Outdoor Education curriculum encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone, build resilience, develop leadership skills, achieve personal growth and connect with different communities. For Year 7 – 11 students, these include trips to Thailand, Malaysia, India, Australia and Vietnam.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)

Tanglin’s CCA programme provides students with opportunities to pursue a range of interests by developing existing talents or learning something new. In addition to recreational choices, the programme enables students to trial for and engage in competitive activities.


Sport is an integral part of the Tanglin curriculum. Our excellent sporting facilities enable us to provide a wide range of competitive and non-competitive events throughout the year.

We compete in SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activities Conference), FOBISIA (Federation of British Schools in Asia) and ACSIS (Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools), as well as sporting tours to Australia.

The Arts

Tanglin has a thriving, vibrant and energetic Arts programme which plays an important part in school life. Throughout the year, there are high-quality ensembles, recitals, performances and exhibitions.

Duke of Edinburgh Award (DoE)

The DoE is a world-wide recognised award for young adults aged 14 to 24. At Tanglin, DoE is open to students from Year 10 onwards, supporting them to achieve their Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. It is recognised by universities and employers around the world.

DoE has four elements, all of which complement the academic aspect of Tanglin. For the Adventurous Journey element, students have to plan and execute a journey with a minimal amount of adult intervention. The other three aspects are Community Service, Learning a New Skill, and Sport. All these elements together help to provide students with a well-rounded and holistic education.

Activities Funded by the TTS Foundation

  • As an extension to the curriculum, students benefit from many activities funded by the TTS Foundation. These include visits from inspirational speakers including: Robert Swan (Polar Explorer);
    The England Beach Volleyball Team; Guy Larson (Film Director);
    Sugata Mitra (Professor of Educational Technology); James Grime (Mathematician); Jazz Carlin and Lewis Coleman (GB Olympic Swimmers); Tan Chin Boo (Percussionist).