The Senior Library is an innovative, well-funded and well-resourced school library of the 21st Century, with a mission to enhance learning through the provision of a rich array of resources and information and to develop a community of information literate citizens who see learning as a life-time opportunity.

The library provides a quiet zone for research, study and reflection as well as an interactive zone for conversation and a collaborative zone for group work and creative project work. Space is also allocated for the fiction and non-fiction physical collections and for teaching and presentations.

Technology is integral to library operations and with a well-qualified team, including teacher librarians and library officers, the library is able to offer extended hours throughout the week. Library staff participate in and support the teaching programme, especially in the research process for inquiry based activities and in promoting a love of reading.

Through its dynamic and interactive website, the library also provides a virtual space which allows students 24 hour access to materials which facilitate learning including digital content, e-books, and curated resource collections for specific subjects and topics.

"What a school thinks about its library is a measure of what it feels about education."
Harold Howe