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In the Sixth Form, the use of technology to support learning is seen as both natural and essential.

In addition to the usual classroom technology, all students are expected to have their own device which they use at home and school to help them find, process, evaluate and present information, and to stay organised.

We recommend a Windows 10 pen-enabled device, such as the Microsoft Surface, as most resources are made available by teachers through Microsoft OneNote notebooks and the tools in the Windows versions allow students to go beyond merely typing, to highlight and annotate lesson and exam materials, write and draw calculations and diagrams naturally in Maths and Science and make visual notes in all subject areas. The combination of touchscreen, pen and keyboard is an unbeatable one for students to be able to engage meaningfully with digital materials.

Students studying Media will be using the powerful desktop Macs in school for their editing, so a personal MacBook is not recommended or required.

Click here to learn more about device requirements for specific year groups.

Our goal is to get as close as possible to an environment where the technology devices are as invisible and unremarkable as books, paper and pens.

Media Suite

Used by (I)GCSE, A Level and IB Diploma film and media students, this space contains film production hardware and software across two studio classrooms plus a colour grading room, a sound design room, a photography studio and a forty-seat cinema. An open area contains Apple work stations and a film theory library. Co-curricular activities including CAS TV, Film Production and the World Cinema Club are based in this area.

Design & Technology

Opened in 2017, this facility includes a design suite where students learn to design by hand, a workshop where they can manufacture products from a range of materials, a CAD area for modelling ideas in 2D and 3D and a CAM 'maker space' with a range of 3D printers, lasers and vinyl cutters and thermoforming equipment.

Device Requirements

Year 7 to Year 13
All students must have a pen-enabled device, not a MacBook or gaming laptop. Students can continue using an iPad, similar to those used in Year 6, but with the addition of a keyboard and Apple pencil. At any point in the Senior School, students can start using a Windows 11 pen-enabled device (e.g. the Microsoft Surface Pro) with keyboard and stylus. It is advised students with additional learning needs use a Windows 11 device to have full access to the suite of Microsoft Learning Accelerator tools to better support their learning. 

A range of iPads are available from Apple to suit a wide variety of budgets.  They can be purchased with either an Apple or 3rd party keyboard and stylus.  There are many manufacturers of Windows 11 pen-enabled devices, several of which offer student discounts, that can be purchased directly from their website or through an electronics store.   

Students should install Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Outlook onto their devices before their first day at school.