Junior Sports

Sport is a vibrant element of the Junior School and is firmly embedded in our school culture. The childhood years have been highlighted as a crucial time for ongoing participation in physical activity to be nurtured and maintained. There is a wide range of benefits to youth sports participation such as fitness, mental health, psycho-social development and numerous other traits. We strive to educate our students on the benefits of all of these.


The Junior School takes pride in its diverse and balanced sports programme. Our inclusive, student-centred approach encourages children to realise their full physical potential, to self-regulate and to become problem solvers through fun and engaging activities. With an extensive range of CCAs and competitive opportunities children can explore movement patterns and begin to transfer their skills across a range of sports. Research shows that a multi-sports approach leads to better overall motor and athletic development compared to that of year-round, early specialization which can result in overuse injuries, burnout and decreased motivation.

Developing efficient, functional movers with a love of sport and physical activity at this stage of the journey is key. With this firmly in mind, our team selections, rotations and substitutions are made with respect to every student’s development and enjoyment rather than a short-term approach to training and performance, with an over-emphasis on immediate results.

Whether it’s exploring a new CCA or competing for the school our junior programme looks to prioritise the interplay of fun, social interactions, challenge, motor competence and personally relevant learning.