Senior Sports

We deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that provides students with a wide range of sports. Popular and successful examination courses are offered as options at (I)GCSE and A Level, in which students can study a variety of topics underpinning sport, performance and health as well as participating in their chosen activities.

In addition to core and examinable Physical Education (PE) in the curriculum, the sport co-curricular activity (CCA) programme offers a huge range of competitive opportunities to our Senior students through an extensive and fully inclusive sport programme.

With over 100 sport teams each year in 16 different sports, our programme gives all Senior students the chance to ‘wear the school shirt’ whether it be to pursue excellence in their chosen field or simply to enjoy participating with their friends. Regardless of performance level, we provide the environment for students to grow and excel, and we recognise the success of each child.

We believe sport develops students' confidence and resilience, alongside their learning of transferable skills including leadership, teamwork and self-management.

Each year our teams play over 600 fixtures across Singapore, with our most able students competing in a further 43 different tournaments both in Singapore and overseas.

19&U FOBISIA Netball Champions

19&U SSC Rugby 7s Champions

16&U SSC Rugby 7s Champions

19&U ACSIS Football Division 1 Winners