Sport at Tanglin

Many Opportunities to Take Part, Every Opportunity to Excel
We encourage maximum participation, individual aspiration, squad achievement and personal excellence, and are immensely proud of our participation and provision in both competitive and non-competitive sports.

"Tanglin has nurtured my passion to compete in sport, including rugby, football and basketball. Playing for these teams has taught me humility, commitment, the ability to believe in oneself and to trust others around you."

Kit, U19 Tanglin Rugby Captain

At Tanglin, everyone is encouraged to participate in sport and celebrate success at all levels. Sport forms an integral part of the Tanglin curriculum, co-curricular activity (CCA) and sports and recreational club (SRC) programmes.

Tanglin sports teams play as the Tanglin Lions. All students, all teams, all sports, across the entire school are the Tanglin Lions!

We are privileged to have world class facilities and a dedicated team of qualified and experienced sport specialists, enabling us to provide an extensive programme of the highest quality.

Tanglin offers students the opportunity to compete in inter-and intra- school events, both in Singapore and overseas. We participate in:

  • ACSIS (Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools)
  • FOBISIA (Federation of British Schools in Asia)
  • SEASAC (South East Asia Student Activity Conference)

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