Sport at Tanglin

Tanglin Trust School has a diverse and inclusive sports programme that offers all children the opportunity to enjoy the physical, mental, and social benefits offered by sport. We believe that participation in sport, both recreationally and competitively, forms an integral part of a holistic education and allows each child to achieve their personal best.  


Movement Education

The Tanglin Sport programme is focussed on developing each child and is shaped by the latest research on youth and athletic development. While traditional approaches tend to favour an early specialisation approach – often overemphasising repetitive, drill-like practice – at Tanglin, children become confident and adaptable movers by exploring a range of developmentally appropriate activities, each aimed at establishing a strong foundation of movement skills. Activities such as parkour encourage our children to develop essential movement skills such as jumping, landing, balancing and falling in a safe and supportive environment. This early focus on movement education equips children with the tools they need to be successful in a wide variety of sports. 


"Playing sport at Tanglin has provided me with unique and memorable experiences. It has given me the opportunity to develop my athletic ability, compete against schools across the region and form lifelong friendships. Learning the importance of teamwork, self-regulation and resilience has made a positive impact on my overall education.."

Alyiah S.

Development through Multisport

We believe that a multisport approach helps children build a wider repertoire of motor, cognitive and social skills. Through regular participation in multiple sports, students experience high quality and varied coaching, learning how to find solutions for different challenges. This is central to our aim of developing adaptable, skilled young athletes and leads to higher levels of performance and promotes long term engagement. Students in the Junior and Senior School can choose from over 20 different sports and the programme is carefully tailored so children can access different sports throughout the week. We offer a range of core games, e.g. football, netball, rugby, touch, cricket, volleyball, badminton, and basketball, balanced with a diverse range of sports such as gymnastics, swimming, parkour, judo, wrestling, and climbing.   

Opportunities for All

Whether students play for social recreation or aspire for excellence, we provide appropriate training and competitive opportunities. With over 160 teams each year competing in the international school ACSIS conference, in addition to regular tournaments and festivals, there are extensive opportunities for all to enjoy. Selected squads represent the school in our regional conferences, SEASAC and FOBISIA, which offers students the exciting and enriching experience of competing across Southeast Asia and beyond. 

Our ongoing commitment to the development of young athletes is demonstrated by further additions to our extensive sports facilities. These include a new 50-metre pool, a new Gymnastics Centre, Athletic Development Gym, indoor cricket nets, climbing wall and physiotherapy clinic. 




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