The Arts at Tanglin

It starts with a spark of curiosity that is fuelled by passion.
A desire to be creative while persevering through challenges.
Discovering your artistic identity through personal expression.
Developing an appreciation and mutual respect for the work of others.
Encouraging inclusion and diversity so everyone can participate, succeed and achieve their personal best.



Tanglin has a thriving, vibrant and energetic Arts programme which is a vital part of the school curriculum and plays an important part in school life.

Throughout the year, there are many high-quality ensembles, recitals, performances and exhibitions. Tanglin also participates in many national, regional and international festivals and conferences that have inspired our students, staff, parents and the wider community.

From Nursery to Sixth Form, there are many opportunities for students to develop their skills in art, design, drama, music, and film-making, facilitating creative, social and intellectual development.

Our students are inspired by specialist teachers and, very often, each other. We also invite a variety of Arts practitioners to the school on a regular basis to perform, and to work with students and inspire the community.

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"The Arts at Tanglin provides me with a balance from the academics. It's a place where I can creatively express how I feel and develop new friendships whilst pursuing my passion for performing."

Sophie, Head Girl 

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