Drama has an important role to play in the personal development of our students and the skills and qualities developed, including teamwork, creativity, leadership and risk-taking. Drama promotes self-esteem and gives students a sense of achievement.

Infant children are encouraged to role play and use their creativity and imagination to explore ideas at every available opportunity.

At the core of the Junior School’s Drama curriculum is the focus on the ensemble which provides students with experiences and opportunities to develop communication skills. Drama is delivered as a specialist discipline, linking directly to a range of other curriculum areas and providing extensive opportunities to create and perform in a range of settings. Through participation in a range of activities linked directly to their learning in other curriculum areas, students’ imaginations are stimulated.

Senior students are encouraged to develop their interest an enjoyment in drama and theatre both as participants and as informed members of an audience, fostering an enthusiasm for and critical appreciation of the subject.

Specialist teaching, along with regular visits from international theatre companies, theatre practitioners and opportunities for students to perform in both intimate and large-scale performances, enhance students’ experience of Drama.