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Upcoming Events

Art Studio L5, Sixth Form Building, Tanglin Trust School

We are delighted to offer our community the opportunity to participate in a workshop with Ian and take away your own piece of art. This workshop will give attendees the chance to work on textured surfaces exploring a variety of drawing techniques. Ian will guide you through the process and support you. He will also tell you more about his approach to his art practice and showcase some of his incredible work!

This workshop is for Tanglin parents and the wider community, please feel free to sign up with friends and family. We will serve light refreshments during the session.

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The Institute, L11, Centenary Building, Tanglin Trust School

In this talk, Martin Cox will discuss how free speech has come under attack in recent years, and many students want to limit the rights of individuals to express certain ideas. This talk argues that we should fight for the rights of people to say things that are against the popular opinion on a given topic. If we ban unpopular speech we may prohibit some things that turn out, in retrospect, to have been worth saying, and in the process we curtail civil liberty and may lose the art of civilised disagreement. The talk will be followed by a discussion and questions.

He will also share information on the John Locke Institute's global essay competition, which attracts over 7000 submissions a year from all parts of the world, as well as its summer seminars and gap year courses in Oxford, Princeton and Washington DC for exceptional teenagers specialising in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, History, Psychology and Law.

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The Institute, L11, Centenary Building, Tanglin Trust School

A Faculty Research Talk by Dr Caroline Neuberg

How to build in the critical 21st century skills (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Creativity) in your secondary science classroom? In this session, participants will be offered different ideas promoting inquiry-based learning, integration and the application of knowledge and skills to solve authentic problems, with minds-on and hands-on activities.

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News from The Institute

Restoring bicycles for charity

Although bicycles are not the main mode of transportation in Singapore, they do make a big difference to many low-income families. That was why Nina D, Mahikaa G, Eliza H, Osian O, and Tanisha S from Year 12 decided to take on a bicycle renovation project for their CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). They were inspired by a new bicycle project instituted last year where Yash Pathania (then in Year 13) repaired and restored old and abandoned bicycles that were piling up at the condominium he was staying at. 

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Nxplorers 2.0

Four Year 13 students made it to the shortlist consisting of 19 other Singapore schools to join NXplorers 2.0 Journey - a global project championed by the Science Centre Singapore and Shell Singapore.

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Our Strategic Direction

Outlined below are our current direction and how we plan to deliver The Institute's vision


Creating more opportunities for faculty and student research projects, providing a platform to present and discuss research with experts from academia and industry, nurturing greater interest in-depth study.

For recent projects where students are given opportunities to shine and pursue their interests at Tanglin, click on the link below.

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Collaborating with practitioners across corporates, government and academia to deliver programming outside our curriculum to develop skills, capabilities, and interdisciplinary thinking through hands-on learning e.g. entrepreneurship projects, industry-specific workshops and mentorship programmes.

On-going Projects

Events & Engagement

Engaging thought leaders and organisations across different disciplines to challenge and expand our thinking, and inspire discourse and learning in and outside of the classroom on issues that will impact the future of jobs and education.

Past Events


For enquiries or opportunities to collaborate, please email

Faculty Research

Action Research Projects by Tanglin Teachers

The main focus of what Tanglin teachers conduct research on relates to classroom practice and how to maximise the efficiency of learning both in and outside the classroom. These are examples of excellent action research projects run by teachers striving to be their Personal Best and we hope will inspire faculty members to initiate their own research projects, with support from the Institute and Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

You can also read Tanglin EDU Vol. 5, much of which  exemplifies key strategic aims of our school.