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University & Careers Counselling

Through our bespoke counselling services, we work with our students during individual meetings and group workshops, Life Skills sessions, tutor time, assemblies, and events. We work in close partnership with academic departments and pastoral teams to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to student support. 

Our counselling team believes that the university application process, like all experiences at Tanglin Trust School, is an opportunity for learning and growth.

In Year 11, we support students through the Sixth Form pathway option process which includes both group information sessions and individual meetings with a counsellor. While some future university or career plans may influence their subject and pathway selection, we encourage students to follow their interests and explore possibilities during their time in the Sixth Form.

In the Sixth Form, we support students with both self-exploration as well as course and university research in both individual and group settings. We support students with creating a balanced university list, give feedback on personal statements and essays, provide interview prep, connect them with portfolio support, and run specialist workshops. With our support and guidance, students take ownership of their research and planning process to ultimate find their best fit institution or pathway.

For detailed information on programmes including timelines, university application guides, career, national service, and gap year resources, and events, please visit the University & Careers Counselling Microsite:

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Senior School Profile for Universities

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University Destinations

Both A Level and IB pathways allow students to make international applications and both are recognised and highly regarded by all universities across the globe. Reflecting the strong British ethos of the school, a majority of our graduates will attend university in the UK. However, increasing numbers apply to and attend universities in North America, Continental Europe, and Australasia.



University Visits

Each year, Tanglin welcomes hundreds of university representatives from dozens of countries around the world. All visits are advertised on Cialfo, and all students in Year 10 through Year 13 are welcome to attend during break and lunch periods. 

If you are a university representative, please find more information about scheduling a visit on our microsite.