Infant Project List

Caring for Cambodia Teacher Training Programme by TTS Infant Teachers
Leadership Programme, Year 2

“I love being a playtime captain because I like playing and making sure everyone has someone to play with. I have also learned about being kind and helping others.” - Year 2 student

TTS Foundation Balance Bike Programme, Nursery & Reception
Centre Stage Around the World Day, Year 1
Ex-Paralympian Andy Barrow, Year 1 & 2

“As a person with a disability, I was especially pleased to be working with some of Tanglin's youngest students because I believe, exposure to difference at such a young age, creates the perfect platform for children to become well-rounded adults. I believe the TTS Foundation has shown tremendous foresight in providing the means for students to have experiences such as this.” - Andy Barrow, ex-Paralympian

Award-winning Children’s Author, Matthew Gollub, All Infants