Junior Project List

Caring for Cambodia Teacher Training Programme, by TTS Junior Teachers
  • Development
Friendly Schools Bullying and Cyber Bullying ParentWise Workshop

“Very interesting to learn about development stages in relation to bullying and children’s behaviour.” - Junior School Parent on the Friendly Schools Bullying ParentWise workshop

Aspire More Able – Thinkers in Education: Science Enrichment Group, Year 4,5,& 6
Singapore Day Cultural Lunch, Year 5
Junior FOBISIA Games Awards, Year 5 & 6
FOBISIA Primary Maths Competition Awards, Year 6
Peranakan Day, Year 5
  • Development
TTS Foundation Pedal Power Programme CCA, Year 3
  • Inspirational Visitors
Space Day Planetarium, Year 5
  • Inspirational Visitors
Storyteller Roger Jenkins, Year 3 & 4
  • Participation
JASS Representative Award, Year 5 & 6
  • Participation
TTS Foundation Music Awards