Senior Project List

Film Director Guy Larson, Year 10 & 12

“The students have been keen to get involved with the unique challenges filmmaking and animation bring. They expressed their creativity well, and produced some impressively high quality films.” - Guy Larson

SEA Maths Competition (Representative Awards)
FOBISIA Music Festival (Representative Awards)
SEASAC Softball (Representative Awards)
SEASAC Senior Swimming Champions (Representative Awards)
U14 Sports Tour, Hong Kong (Representative Awards)
SEASAC Girls Tennis (Representative Awards)
SEASAC Basketball (Representative Awards)
SEASAC Golf (Representative Awards)
SEASAC Football (Representative Awards)
Mekok River Community Service Programme
Artist in Resident, Tan Chin Boon, Senior Music
Lamdon Secondary School Student Sponsorship
IN’ Singapore International Schools Exhibition
FOBISIA Student Leadership Conference, Year 13
Battle of the Bands Guest Performer and Judge
FOBISIA Gymnastic (Representative Awards)
Deirdre Lew Service Awards